Thursday, January 30, 2014

We Found Heaven Baby Diaper

A few days ago, ACS Manufacturing, the makers of Pride Laundry Detergent, Starwax Floorwax and Unique Toothpaste, which are known for quality and affordability, sent us a pack of their Heaven Baby Diapers to try. 

It came in the nick of time, as we were about to run out of nappies too! 

We’ve been doing mixed diapering (parang mixed feeding lang) with Xavi ever since he was born. He uses cloth diapers at home, and disposable diapers when we go out, and for nighttime sleeping. 

It feels good that we get to save on the cost of disposable diapers with cloth diapering, but still, I really do have to resort to disposables at times for the sake of convenience. 

Quality-wise, I really don’t have any problems with Huggies and Pampers, the two brands that we use interchangeably which I buy at S&R. Save for the fact that I cringe a little whenever I spend close to Php800 everytime I buy 2 packs of diapers for Xavi, I just charge it to c’est la vie. 

Coming from that, I have to admit, I was pleasantly surprised with Heaven Diapers. The diaper was soft, and cotton-y. Just like the more expensive brands that I buy. It was folded into three parts, which also made it more compact, handy and less bulky. 

It had a light, powdery scent and overall, I have to say I was impressed. 

It has everything that our usual brands have - Elastic waistband, adjustable security tape, side leak guards, extra absorbent core & locking layer and anti-leak channels, except that it was just a lot more cheaper!

Elastic waistband, adjustable security tape, side leak guards, extra absorbent core & locking layer and anti-leak channels

The imported brands cost about Php11.50 a piece, whereas Heaven Diapers only come out to about Php8.75 per diaper.

Not bad. Not bad at all!

Heaven is available at Waltermart stores in four sizes at very affordable prices:

Small (for babies 3-7kg): Php 138 (24pcs.)
Medium (for babies 6-11kg): Php 162 (24pcs.)
Large (for babies 9-14kg): Php 186 (24pcs.)
Extra Large (for babies above 12kg):Php 210 (24pcs.)


Didi said...

Oh my, I've heard of this place but I never imagined it to be legit! I always thought parang its tucked in a shady building! Hahha... :) I'm sure my Panget would love the furniture section!!: ) Kellyn is right! We have a suki for door to door shipper in HK. The pick up the items in the store and voila - within a week, nasa Manila na!! :) I'll share with you our suki :)

Manila Fashion Observer said...

Go! So many great finds! And yes Didi, please! Email me your suki details! ;)

Florence Afable said...

hi, i'm a filipina student-journalist and i was just wondering if i could use your photo to fill an article on our school publication website. don't worry, the credit goes to you and of course i would be glad to link your web. your photo is really great and really talks about heroes on wheels. i have just made the web, not yet finished, pero sana po, pumayag kau. pls feel free to pass my yahoo anyway, im laureen po. gud day ho :)

Cris said...

Bookmarking this post for future HK trips! Thanks for sharing, Tin!

Manila Fashion Observer said...

Always happy to share, Cris! Enjoy shopping for fantastic finds! Heehee!

Wynn said...

Wow. You're an angel, Tin! Will definitely check this mall on our next HK trip. Btw, can you please share the door-to-door HK shipper? I did try LBC-HK for IKEA furniture before and it took them a month to deliver. Sigh.


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