Sunday, February 09, 2014

Lock & Lock Opens at Shangri-la East Wing

I remember when Lock & Lock first released their airtight containers, it was so revolutionary. No spills, food would stay fresh, and there was some sort of satisfaction from hearing that clicking/locking sound. Remember, this was the time when Tupperware was like the bees knees.

My mom bought a lot, and I remember buying for myself too, because they made such fantastic lunch containers. By the time Lock & Lock launched Boroseal, it was heaven sent, with everyone so paranoid about the BPA in plastic. 

Again, I stocked up on a lot, because it was also convenient to use. I could store food in the fridge and heat food in the microwave without transferring containers. 

Turns out it can go from oven to table too! We could portion off baked macaroni into smaller Boroseal containers, popping a small glass container into the oven as needed.

So when my friend Michelle aka My Mom Friday invited me and the SoMoms to the newly opened Lock & Lock store in Shangri-la East Wing, I was naturally excited. It was as good as being invited to a shopping party at Bergdorfs.

As expected, the Lock & Lock store has in fact become a treasure trove for people like me looking for innovative storage solutions.

I bought this First Aid Kit, which can also double as a crafting box with all these perfectly sized compartments:

All my friends were raving about their Freezer Containers. I ended up getting a total of 4 sets, because it makes so much sense to portion off meat, fishballs, chicken into cooking/serving portions. And they look so neat in the freezer too. I might just end up getting a few more.

Also spotted these Interlock Glass Food Storage containers which can be screwed together, so you can stack them one on top of the other, with no fear of toppling.

A wooden container with plastic drawers, for storing makeup, pens, note cards or other small items.

I used to buy a separate lunch box for our Lock & Lock containers, but now they have insulated lunch boxes made to fit their containers perfectly.

This one's big enough to pack for a picnic.

I was tempted to get these too - bins for laundry, toys or what nots. I like the natural linen ones, very chic.

More than just storage solutions, Lock & Lock has also come up with a line of cookware, called SpeedCook, which guarantees to cut your cooking time in minutes.

I love this grill pan from SpeedCook, which I won during our cook off. It has an elevated center so it drains fat. Perfect for cooking bacon, or grilling liempo. At Php1,699 it's not expensive too!

What's best, you hardly need oil to cook on a SpeedCook because of its non-stick surface. We also use the grill pan to cook egg fritata, chicken barbeque, even pork barbeque on a stick. If there's one thing you have to buy at Lock & Lock, it's this grill pan. 

Warning though, I cannot guarantee you could walk away from the store with just one thing.

Lock & Lock
6/F Shangri-la East Wing
Mandaluyong, Metro Manila


Toni Tiu said...

I LOVE Lock & Lock!!! And oooh, what'd you prepare during your cook-off?!

wena said...

nice!!! I didn't know that lock & lock already have a variety of storage solutions. this is perfect for keeping our kitchen organized. and i bet their products are cheaper than Rubbermaid? :)

Manila Fashion Observer said...

It was cook the most pancakes in 10 minutes, ahihihi!

Manila Fashion Observer said...

I am not sure if cheaper, but still very reasonably priced! The Lock & Lock store is a haven of containers for all shapes, sizes and purposes heehee

Mom-Friday said...

I need to go back for those Freezer containers and another SpeedCook pan! Thank you for sharing your shopping finds!!! :)

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