Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Bugs Away + More, with Cycles Sensitive

After Dada's bout with dengue, nothing excites me more now than anti-mosquito patches and insect repellents.

Make that kid-friendly, natural and non-DEET at that, such as these new products from  Cycles Sensitive, also from EVEolution, Inc., the homegrown company that has also brought us Cycles Mild Laundry Detergent & Cradle Baby Bottle & Nipple Cleanser.

Cycles Sensitive completes their range of must-have products for mom, taking care of baby's skin needs by coming up with a head to toe wash, baby lotion, protective diaper cream and of course, the much touted insect repellents and citronella patches.

Cycles Sensitive is a dermatologist tested, fragrance-free, hypoallergenic and pareben-free line of baby skincare products, each product guaranteed to pass the standards of meticulous moms, very much like Cycles Sensitive endorser, celebrity mom Cheska Garcia-Kramer.

I attended the brand launch last week at Olive Tree Kitchen & Bar on Bonifacio High Street, where I had the pleasure of seeing Cheska again, and finally meeting her gorgeous, well-behaved Gavin. Cheska shared that she has always been a fan of Cycles & Cradle so when they reached out to tap her as an endorser, she was more than happy to come on board.

Natasha Reyes, the brand manager, gave a very in depth presentation on their new products while Cheska spoke from her experience as a mom caring for Gavin's sensitive skin.

Pediatric dermatologist Dr. Donna Marie Leelin-Sarrosa also shared some very insightful tips on caring for baby's sensitive skin, as well as debunking myths on the use of insect repellents!

What I learned:

- skin asthma is a term used to describe atopic dermatitis here in the Philippines and is not a medical term. Atopic dermatitis is the most common dermatitis in children
- caring for skin also means washing clothes thoroughly. In fact, did you know that you should thoroughly wash new clothes because it may contain formaldehyde which keeps it from wrinkling?
- we don't need to apply insect repellent all over, just to exposed areas because all it takes is the scent of it to repel a mosquito or bug
- do not soak skin with repellant, it is important that it gets washed off the skin
- never put insect repellent on the face, especially close to the eyes

I also learned that the couple behind Cycles & Cradle are Dada's batchmates from college in Ateneo!

It was such a pleasure meeting Dennis & Emily Balajadia, the husband & wife team/dad & mom of five kids, who have made it their mission to create products and brands borne out of their own need. They shared that Cycles actually started because they used to ship boxes of baby laundry detergent from abroad, until they realized, "Hey, why not make our own?"

That eureka moment in 2007 has led to an expanded line of baby care products today, and I can just imagine that with their ability to make things happen, we can expect Cycles, Cradle and Cycles Sensitive to give birth to more products and variants made with the most discerning of moms in mind.

Cycles Baby
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Website: www.cycles-sensitive.com 

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