Monday, March 31, 2014

Current Obsession: Herve Chapelier Camo Totes

A few weeks ago, Dada & I met up with our good friends Cathy & Jon Lim, and Cathy's sister Cheryl and her husband Eric Lee. The two couples are the owners of our fave coffee & toast place in UP Town Center, Cafe Shibuya!

While doing a taste test of their proposed Lenten offerings at Cafe Shibuya, we got to talk about Cheryl and Eric's new store, Herve Chapelier in SM Aura, and their best selling camo totes. 

I told them I was familiar with the brand because I used to see women in Manhattan toting Herve Chapeliers as a second bag (it's actually making a comeback in a big way too, says VOGUE). But I have never seen anybody there with a camo version. Apparently, it's a wardrobe staple in Japan.

I had passed by the store a couple of times before, but did not spy any camo totes. Because Cheryl said they sold out so fast, not anticipating such a HUGE demand for it. 

She mentioned there was a wait list for their stocks of camo arriving, and I was like, "OMG!!! Save a bag for me!!! And order more!!!" Yes. With exagg exclamation points.

"Even I could not get my hands on the camo tote!" Cheryl exclaimed.

Rather than keep one for herself, she decided to put her customers first. Which was sweet of her. Heehee. Then she told me to go to the store so I can pre-order the size I wanted. And I did.

I also spied some seriously cute totes, like this one from their high end GP Line, a pebble grained coated canvas...

And soigné 1428ND in Bouganvillier.

But I kept my eye on the prize, texting Cheryl right away the size I wanted reserved. 

Quick as a flash, just a few days after, I got a message from Lyke at Herve Chapelier in SM Aura saying their camo totes were in store!

There was this huge ass one that would make a great overnighter...

As well as this one with short handles, no zippers, so a bit impractical. But it looks so chic!

I ended up with this one, the 1027N. It has a zipper and short handles. Really handy dandy. Super thanks Cheryl!!!

It is rare that I find a camo tote that doesn't look too rugged and sporty. These ones by Herve are just so painfully chic, it hurts not to buy it. 

So I had to go back the next day for the L shopping tote, a bigger sized version with brown straps and a snap.

I need to be armed with at least two different sizes ya know. At least.

About Herve Chapelier:

Frenchman Herve Chapelier started his eponymous label in 1976, creating travel bags that were not only sturdy and supple but were also colorful - orange, purple, fuchsia, red, pink and yellow totes, equipped with flat, braided handles, using a material that was initially designed for car safety belts.

He then went on to designing backpacks that were a hit with students, but it is his famous, classic bi-color “cabas” (traditional French market) bag, which he has sold millions of, that made the brand.  

Herve Chapelier still manufactures his products in France, which are sold everywhere from Paris to Tokyo, as well as New York, London, Hong Kong, Singapore, Rome, Geneva, Venice and now Manila. 

For inquiries and updates, visit Herve Chapelier Philippines on Facebook, HERE.

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