Saturday, March 29, 2014

Hold that TIGER!

When I hear TIGER, the first thing that pops into my head are these black boxy lunchboxes of the 80s. It seemed like every other kid who ate lunch in school had one.

Today, TIGER still makes lunchboxes, but they're less bulky and updated to look sleeker and less lunchbox-y now.




They've actually gone the way of cute too, with colored soup cups and thermal bottles, like Berry and Xavi's:

But let's go beyond lunchboxes and thermal bottles. Because TIGER has something that will change your life, promise. 

But before that, can I show you my friend Lorraine's Valentino Rockstuds? Lorraine's family distributes TIGER here in the Philippines, and we can talk hours about shoes and shopping. I love her! And her TIGER products of course!

And now, let me tell you about the TIGER tacook (tacook means "cooking rice" in Japanese). It's a rice cooker that allows you to cook your ulam at the same time. It works as a slow cooker too. It can also make chahan using the Sweet/Mixed setting.

This orange plate is where you cook your main dish, where it gets cooked by way of the steam rising from boiling rice. 

It's quite versatile really, because it can cook anything from gyudon and nikujaga to even good old sinigang. Even healthy steamed veggies for the little ones.

It comes with a cookbook so you have an instant foundation of recipes to start with. 

We've tried to make steamed fish and beef gyudon with our tacook, and they were pretty good, if a bit soup-y, maybe because of the steam. Then again, that's better than dry and makes for wonderful rice topping dishes. I can imagine shrimp sinigang would be great on a tacook!

On another note, I ordered a TIGER water kettle from Lorraine because I had used a TIGER water kettle at Mandarin Orchard and I loved how safe it is to use, especially with kids around.

The vacuum sealed lid can only be opened by pressing those two metal strips at the same time, and hot water won't pour out unless the dispense lock button is unlocked.

And you know how gross steel water kettles can look like after some time because of water scales right? You won't get that with this water kettle because the inside is not metal.

It is so safe to use, even if the kettle falls, hot water won't spill. It's fantastic.

You know what else is great about TIGER? They have lifetime warranty. TIGER Philippines keeps spare parts even for old models, up to 7 years from the time a model is discontinued, so you don't have to worry about servicing. Galing diba!

TIGER Corporation is a 91 year old Japanese company, and is the leading household appliance manufacturer in Japan with a 23.5% market share. Today, TIGER products are exported to 60 countries worldwide.

In the Philippines, TIGER products are available at SM Stores, Rustan's, Metro Gaisano, Landmark Department Stores and Fisher Mall.


Driving Spider-Man said...

The Rockstuds threw me off a bit! haha You are truly a fashionista at heart! Love it!!!!

Manila Fashion Observer said...

Because Lorraine's beautiful shoes deserve recognition, ahihihi!

a guy said...

Can i ? If im a man .. i wanna remove haur from sensetive areas

Millicent Urgel said...

Great feature on tiger products, esp that multi-tasking rice cooker! :) but what really caught my attention was the cute teabag! Haha! May i know what tea it is?! Thanks so much, great blog! :)

Manila Fashion Observer said...

That's by Pret-a-Portea! Cute no? Heehee!

Millicent Urgel said...

It is, super cute!! pero i guess this isn't available here in Manila, boo! i'll just stare at your pic, haha! :D

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