Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Happy Skin Lippies and ZZs

Moisturizing lippies and a coverage cream that zaps zits while making our skin look flawless. 

Sounds like dream products, right?

Well, they're for real!

A few weeks ago, I met Rissa Trillo and Jacqe Gutierrez of Happy Skin at the launch of their new lip colors for their extremely popular Shut Up & Kiss Me line of lippies, plus their game changing The Happy Skin Zit Zapper Second Skin Cream aka ZZ Cream.

Over refreshing glasses of grapefruit juice and a sumptuous Chinese lauriat, we got to chat with the Happy Skin founders Rissa & Jacqe, makeup artist Sophie Uy and dermatologist Dr. Raissa Pasion about beauty products that work as skin care too!

Which is super exciting for me. See, I have the weirdest lips. Its like lipstick won't stick to it. Even if I drink lots of water, it's on perpetual shedding mode. I have to rub my lips with a towel just to get the flakes off.

Whenever I use popular lipstick brands, they just suck the moisture out of my lips, and the color fades away as if they were never there. I've come to use lip pencils as lipsticks, because this was the only way to make color stay, but thankfully, I found my match with Happy Skin's Shut Up & Kiss Me.

L to R: Shut Up & Kiss Me's new hues - Playing Footsie, Just Say Yes, and Honeymoon Glow

Infused with shea butter & collagen, I love how Shut Up & Kiss Me glides on like lip gloss, moisturizes like lip balm, and the colors don't disappear in a flash!

Top to Bottom: Shut Up & Kiss Me in Honeymoon Glow, Playing Footsie, Just Say Yes

These three new lippie shades, I have to stress, work across all spectrums of lip tones and skin color. They've been tried, tested and trusted. 

I first saw Honeymoon Glow on Sophie and loved it on her, but expected it was going to look dark on me. I was pleasantly surprised that Honeymoon Glow looked so natural on my lips, like a nude that just blended with my lip tone and gave it a slightly pinkish hue. 

Dr. Pasion meanwhile shed light on our skin care issues and concerns.

Many women resort to makeup to hide skin flaws, not realizing, they are aggravating their skin's condition by covering it up. Not so with Happy Skin's silicone-free Zit Zapper Second Skin Cream, which is especially formulated for those with acne prone and sensitive skin. .

It sounds Dr. Suess stupendous, but Dr. Pasion swears by it.

She says it truly works. After all, it's packed with grapefruit extracts that work as an anti-oxidant, yoghurt extract that minimizes acne bumps and brightens skin, and salicylic acid that takes care of treating the zits.

Rissa, who happens to have flawless skin, says she's personally tried their ZZ Cream, and finds that it also works great on her, and is actually a wonderful mattifier. 

Yes, it only comes in one shade, but Jacqe, who is chinita, and Rissa, who is morena, both agree that this one shade blends naturally on their skin, there was no need to come up with more.

I'd have to agree, I've seen it for myself. These new products truly put the Happy in Skin, and Happy Skin deserves all the buzz they are getting.

Happy Skin is available at Rustan's Makati and Shangri-la, as well as Beauty Bar and select Plains & Prints stores and online. For more on Happy Skin, visit their website and Follow @happyskin_ph on Twitter and Instagram.

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