Thursday, August 28, 2014

Turn Your “Kalat” to Cash at OLX

A few months back, I tackled the gargantuan task of sorting out my pile of documents that I’ve been meaning to file, bags and boxes of gifts (some were actually wedding presents kept in my parents’ storage, eeek!), abubuts and such. 

I had a hard time going through all these because to me, my kalat weren’t just any ordinary household “kalat”, which is how my husband saw them as. 

Actually, most were treasures, so it wasn’t just a matter of deciding between “keep” or “toss”. 

I meant to keep most of them and I did end up putting them away inside cabinets that have been cleared up. 

Still, I am all too familiar with how unused things can suddenly turn into a mountain of “stuff” that just overwhelms – clothes, unused shoes, appliances, old golf clubs, tennis racquets, vintage suitcases, the list can go on really. 

Sadly, I can’t say the same thing about space. Kalat piles up, but unless you have a warehouse in your backyard, you could be labeled a hoarder in no time. 

Thankfully, and as a popular saying goes, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”, and this is where garage sales, flea markets, antique shops, auction houses and websites such as (aka the old enter the picture. 

I have friends who have sold old cars at, unused athletic equipment, even furniture, and just in a matter of days! You’d think no one would be interested but people are always in the hunt for a bargain, you’ll be surprised at what people are open to buying as long as it’s a good deal.

Seriously, there’s cash to made from trash, and if you’re gonna make money off of it, it’s always better that everything goes straight to your pocket. Cut out the middleman, and do the selling yourself. It’s really easy! 

Check out to see what I mean!

While at it, sing with me! Heehee!

Halina at tayo'y magbenta, Sa OLX ka pumunta, 
Ang hindi na ginagamit, Cellphone, TV o damit, Ibenta na sa OLX. 

Ipahayag mo sa mundo, ang gamit na ibebenta mo. 
Magbawas ng kalat sa bahay, I feel good at gumaan ang buhay. 

Come and join me, it’s for everybody. Just Post- Usap- Deal, believe me it’s that easy, 
Simple lang at mabilis gamitin,Thank you po, next time, sa uulitin! 

Halina at tayo'y magbenta, Sa OLX ka pumunta, 
Ang hindi na ginagamit, Cellphone, TV o damit, Ibenta na sa OLX.

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