Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Buwan Ng Wika: Berry's T'boli Outfit + Contemporary Chic Filipiniana

Because August is Buwan ng Wika, I will be highlighting Filipiniana fashion - both traditional and contemporary. I hope that this inspires many of you to support Filipino design and craftsmanship, and to realize that there's more to Filipiniana fashion than the obvious, aka what we have always been accustomed to.

When I passed by the live exhibit booth of the T'boli ladies during Manila Fame last March, I just could not leave without buying this handmade beaded top and the matching wrap skirt for Berry. 

I have always wanted one for myself, and if I could not get my hands on one yet, Berry will definitely have to have one.

I bought the set for about Php1,500. I justified the cost to Dada, explaining that Berry will be using it for their Linggo ng Wika celebration in school. She can also use it for International Day, for costume parties, or even just for dress up.

It's such a chic outfit, and not the typical kimona and patadyong skirt that most kids would wear to school as their Filipiniana costume.

Buying this set is also made more meaningful, because it is a way to support the preservation, protection and continuation of T’boli culture and crafts.

The top, I have to stress, is gorgeous.  I can see myself wearing it with a black skirt or trousers and my Gianvito Rossi heels. Or made more casual, say for Fall dressing in NY, with cropped skinny leather pants and Dicker booties - very Isabel Marant.

The necklaces did not come with this outfit. These are part of my mom's collection of tribal jewelry that she collected from my Dad's trips to the Mindanao when he was still in the military. They complement Berry's outfit perfectly!

Since we are on the subject of Filipiniana fashion, I have to share with you my most favorite homegrown brands that support Filipino artisans.

Each season, I find myself buying something from Amarie by Anne Marie Saguil and Filip+Inna by Len Cabili.

Amarie was started by Anne Marie, a graduate of FIDM in Los Angeles, just a few years back. Her designs are such showstoppers. The kind where you want to stop a girl wearing something of hers, just to ask, "Where do I get one?!"

Anne Marie, Berry & myself at the Aranaz Pool Party. Anne Marie & I are wearing Amarie, Berry in Gingersnaps

I love how I can wear something an Amarie dress or top and look instantly dressed up. I have worn Amarie to pool parties, christenings, birthday parties, even a Chinese New Year lunch.

Some of Amarie's more affordable pieces are machine-embroidered, but there is something soulful about an Amarie piece that is embroidered by hand, right in the home of a woman who is earning a living while watching over her kids. 

Buying something designed by Anne allows us to support another woman's livelihood and ability to provide for her family, while owning a beautiful piece of art that we can pass on to our daughters.

This is my first Filip+Inna piece, a dress so intricately beaded and embroidered, I feel terribly special when I wear it out.

The next piece on my Filip+Inna wishlist will be something from the Pina collection. I would love to have that Donya caftan on the left. Imagine that with an antique, gold tambourine necklace from Bulacan. So gorgeous.

Of course, there are more contemporary Filip+Inna pieces, that make for perfect resort wear. These would be right at home in a Batangas beach house, or a Hamptons cottage/mansion.

Another chic outfit I spotted at Manila Fame was this cream top matched with a black belted pina skirt.

I wish I found out who this is by. I would love to have this! Maybe have the skirt cut into midi-length, so I can wear it more often, to more than one occasion.

Filipiniana fashion has gotten a lot more exciting, and wearable, I am actually looking forward to the day when everybody starts wearing Filipiniana on a daily basis, just like during my great-grandmother's time.

It's like saying, "I'm proud to be Pinoy" and really showing it, with style.


Sara Ann Venturina-Reyes said...

love this post, Tin!! :)

CVS said...

where can I get that long piƱa skirt?

Manila Fashion Observer said...

I will research and find out for you! ;)

Manila Fashion Observer said...

Thanks Sara! :*

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