Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Morellato Sparkles at Shangri-la East Wing

Italian jewelry brand Morellato, which traces its roots back to Venice, in the year 1930, recently opened its newest store at the East Wing of Shangri-la Plaza Mall, graced no less by Morellato's principals who flew in from Italy, as well as Italian Ambassador Massimo Roscigno.

The Fioremo Collection, the latest from Morellato

With a strong Italian heritage, all pieces designed by Morellato are made in Italy, crafted from precious materials such as pearls, diamonds, semi-precious materials and surgical stainless steel, which guarantees strength and protection from corrosion.

More than just jewelry, Morellato also offers a selection of watches, leather goods, key chains, and writing instruments. 

Of course, Morellato is also known for its "Drops Collection", which allows us to playfully put together crystals, jewels and blown glass (in true Venetian fashion) to come up with a piece that is truly our own.

Here's what I came up with:

A bracelet with a Dragon for Dragon Boy Xavi, a Baby Carriage for Baby #3 (our latest Dychiao addition!), a Pearl for Donya Beriray, a Crystal Charm for Me, and a Lucky Horseshoe for Dada, who was born in the Year of the Horse! So cute!!! 

For more on Morellato Philippines, Like their Facebook Page:

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