Thursday, October 02, 2014

A Universe to Discover with Explore Sandbox

Call it a stroke of luck for my kids, but I am just so lucky that they have access to Manila's best subscription boxes because the founders happen to be my friends, heehee.

Another case in point, Explore Sandbox - a themed subscription box packed w/crafts and activities that kids 3 to 7 years old, can look forward to and enjoy each month.

Explore Sandbox started as a personal project between my friend Leslie Tan and her partner Candice, who were then joined by another friend of mine, Ivi Leung.

They wanted our young ones "to go beyond traditional modes of learning, using hands-on activities as well as sensory ones".

With Explore SandBox, they give the kids the tools "to discover, hone and extend their sense of curiosity and wonder."

And what a wonder it truly is! 

I was amazed with the Explore Sandbox they sent us back in August, with the theme Night Sky. It was fun for the kids, and a great refresher course on astronomy for me as well!

Ok, quick background. Each ExploreSandbox contains 4 to 5 activities that revolve around the chosen theme for each month. 

Activities vary from sensory play, to arts & crafts, to simple experiments and more. 

All toys, materials, and guidelines are included in the box, so you don't need to scrounge around the house for supplies, or step out to buy whatever it is you might need. 

all materials for our crafts, sensory and science projects are all packed inside the Explore Sandbox

I love how the materials may be re-used for other/future crafts projects. Ivi shares that they even buy some of the materials packed in the boxes, abroad.

For this Night Sky themed box, we learned about the night sky via 5 activities included in the box:

Craft #1 -- Build and decorate our own telescope.
Craft #2 -- Make a paper moon night lamp.
Sensory -- Play with non-toxic galaxy dough and star beads to recreate constellations (patterns provided) or make our own! 
Science #1 -- Discover the moon's different phases and how they are formed.
Science #2 -- Make their own Moon Observation Chart (and learn that a cycle of the moon takes 27 days). 

Interesting facts about the Moon and the Stars, are also included in this kit.

Science Project - discovering the moon's phases

Because Berry and Xavi love Play Doh, the first thing we decided to go for was the "Constellation Project".

Berry happily flattened the dough with the rolling pin found in the box...

And we decided to recreate the constellations using plastic star beads and toothpicks.

We started with the easiest one to make, the Eagle.

Xavi decided he would make his own.

I made Berry do the Ursa Major by herself. Pretty close I would say! She then added glitters to truly make the evening sky shining, shimmering and splendid.

I have to say, we had a lot of fun with this box, we spent almost the entire afternoon putting together and bonding over two activities (this and the DIY telescope), with the promise of doing the other activities another day.

It was a great way to keep them occupied and busy. So much better that they are learning through play, rather than watching some mindless show on TV too.

For this October, the Explore Sandbox theme is aptly called, Trick or Treat! Perfect for the Halloween season!

If you'd like to get a hold of this box or succeeding boxes as well, check out the subscription details, HERE.

You may select from among three subscription plans,  1 month (Php 999), 3 months (Php 2849), or 6 months (Php 5399) subscription. 

Upon receipt of your order, you will be contacted on how to settle payment. Orders are accepted until the 20th of each month, or until supplies last. Shipping is done on the first week of the succeeding month. Shipping is free within Metro Manila, but orders outside of Metro Manila will have to add PHP 100/box. 

For more about Explore Sandbox, read their FAQ page, Like them on Facebook  and follow  @exploresandbox on Instagram. 

For inquiries, you may also email ​ or message them via mobile at +63 917 534 6955.

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