Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Blue Leaf Filipinas: A Venue Like No Other + The Big Banquet 2

A few weeks back, I had a fun lunch with my friend Karrots, her friends from way back, Trisha, Michelle and Eugene Sandejas of The Blue Leaf, and the New Media Factory ladies Kaye and Miko Olfindo at The Wholesome Table in Fort. 

 Our wholesome group at The Wholesome Table

Apart from the bulgaran of high school/college, and fairly recent escapades of Tita K care of Tricia (heeheehee), we also ended up taking about The Blue Leaf Events Pavilion in Fort, because it's a popular venue for my friends' kids' birthday parties. When you meet the owners of a party venue, you just can't help but inquire na din diba, for future reference! Heehee.

Anyway, they told us about their new events place in Manila, Blue Leaf Filipinas in Aseana City and my oh my, it's worth considering if you are looking for a place to hold a big event at - be it a wedding, a corporate function, a debut, a kiddie party, or kahit prom!

Outdoor or indoor, the place is picture pretty.

The ballrooms are huge, and needs minimal events stylist intervention.

Even the powder rooms are pretty enough to take pictures at, or escape to when the party gets too loud for your liking.

To see more photos of Blue Leaf Filipinas, click HERE.

And FYI, since we're at it, the rates and packages are reasonable, for a place this nice:

Of course, to see is the believe, and in fact, you can get a taste of The Blue Leaf Filipinas partner caterers/food service providers at their upcoming event, The Big Banquet 2, happening this October 12 at The Blue Leaf Filipinas!

If you are shopping around for a venue, or you just want to be able to do a taste test of Manila's best caterers, who also happen to be The Blue Leaf's partner caterers, this is your chance to get a taste of everything in one roof!

Albergus, Bizu, Hizon's, Josiah's Catering, Juan Carlo, K by Cunanan, Mesclun, The Red Chef, and TJIOE will each be serving four-course meals highlighting their best appetizers, main courses, desserts, and signature drinks. As a special treat, each caterer will also present one surprise dish which guests can rate, commend or critique!

For more about The Big Banquet 2, and how you can attend this event, click HERE.

For more about The Blue Leaf events venues, visit their website, www.theblueleaf.com.ph and Like their Facebook Page, The Blue Leaf. 

To contact The Blue Leaf Events Pavilion in Fort, click HERE. To contact The Blue Leaf Filipinas, click HERE.

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