Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The Big Fun Event at Jollitown

Jollitown? Is there really such a town?

Yesiree, there was, at Hall 1 of the SMX Convention Center!

It was for one day only, and hey, we got to go join in on #TheBigFunEvent last Sunday, October 26, 2014! 

It was definitely a treat for us, as with all the Jollibee Kids Club members and their families to tour Jollitown, visiting different booths, getting their passports stamped, and collecting goodies along the way.

More than just a whole day of play time, there were lots of Jollibee burgers of course...

...a stage play, live performances, games to participate in, a parade, and storytelling time throughout the day.

But with the giant inflatables and booths alone, fun was guaranteed all around. Jollitown transformed Hall 1 of SMX Convention Center into one huge indoor playground, with lines almost as long as that of Disneyland's!

There's Hat's Entertainment, where kids can pick up hats that resemble the different mascots from Jollitown:

Jollibee Bob House, where kids can slide and jump around inside this huge giant inflatable.

Bouncer Balls, an "basketball court" that lets kids jump high enough to reach basketball rings.

Dome of Bubbles, which is well, like a little planet full of bubbles. Sounds simple, but I can bet all the kids got a kick out of this!

Wish, Wait and Whoa!, where you can throw in a coin, make a wish and expect something magical to happen. Whoa!

Art Wall, where the little ones can unleash the artist within.

Like so...

Master the Burger Station, which as you can guess, is where little boys and girls learn to assemble and wrap a Yum with TLC.

Foodville, a pit stop to get a fill of Jollibee Yum burgers, yum.

Ding Dang Dong Clingers, an inflatable climbing wall...

With almost zero risk of injury because you can always literally bounce back from a fall. Haha.

Rainbow Slide, a big giant slide...

Where kids can slide down, side by side rainbows. Teehee.

As if these weren't enough, all Jollibee Kids Club kiddies who got to visit the booths got to bring home bags full of toys, as this dad of one little girl showed us! Lucky kid!

Next time, we are going first thing when Jollitown opens, so we don't have to wait in line for hours!

Want to visit Jollitown too? Sign up your kids to be members of Jollibee Kids Club. Visit for more details on how to join! See ya at Jollitown, and hopefully there'll be another one popping up soon!

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