Friday, October 31, 2014

Mustela Mamas & Bébés

I love how the kids still smell like babies after bathing with Mustela :)

Berry and Xavi are Mustela users since birth (check out Berry's Glossy to see what I mean). It's a staple not only during bath time, but throughout the day, and wherever they go, be it at home, at school, or at play.
I personally cannot get enough of their cologne, especially now that I am pregnant and I can't stand the smell of strong perfume. Musti and Mustela's Baby Cologne are just perfect for me and my pregnant nose.

Over the years, our Mustela line-up has expanded into all of these, from our initial bath time essentials, not counting the ones I use from the 9 months line!

With the third Little One coming soon, my current pregnant state, and with these new Mustela products just launched recently, I know for sure I'm adding more Mustela to our daily routine. 

I already swear by Mustela's stretch marks products and their new Stretch Marks Care Oil really ought to be beside every expecting mom's bedside table. 

For all my three pregnancies, I make it a habit to slather on lotions, creams and oils as early as the first trimester, when my skin hasn't fully stretched yet to prep it for further stretching. I have had no problems with stretch marks thanks to this practice, and I guess my genes too. Heehee.

Both Berry & Xavi have never had a problem with diaper rash too, and I credit it all to Mustela's Vitamin Barrier Cream. That's why I am stocking up on these for the newest Mr. Dychiao!

As soon as my babies put on a diaper, yes even as newborns, we slather on the Vitamin Barrier Cream right away. It's protection from urine and poop and I honestly wouldn't wait for rashes to erupt before you start using this. I swear I don't even know what diaper rash looks like, thanks to this wonder product.

We have been using Mustela's After Sun Spray already, but with a new product added to their Sun Protection Line, I am looking forward to trying their Very High Sun Protection Lotion. Very High protection talaga at SPF 50, which means 500 minutes of sun protection. 

I am such a huge fan of Mustela that when they asked me to talk about how Mustela has helped me as a mom, I didn't even have to think about it. I said yes right away!

with fellow Mustela mamas Shen Cala-or and Nicole de los Angeles

It was the least I can do for Sharleen Cu-unjieng and Tammy Tancinco, the mamas who brought Mustela to our shores, and who have become my friends over the course of time since I started buying from them, because I cannot imagine how I would have to hoard Mustela abroad if not for them.

Seriously, before Mustela Philippines, I had to pack bottles of Mustela products whenever we had to go to Manila for a visit, because there was no other way to get it here then. So thank you Sharleen and Tammy for making this mommy's life so much easier, and my babies, smelling so much sweeter! Wala pang diaper rash!

And with that, I leave you with the video where Shen, Nicole and I talk about our motherhood experience, and why we love, love, love Mustela!

For more on Mustela Philippines, visit their website, and Like their Facebook Page,

Mustela has kiosks at most major malls. Contact +639178959988 for the store nearest you!

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