Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Hello to SMART iPhone 6 + 6 Plus

With my fellow iPhone 6 users: Angela aka Donya Z of Zenutrients, Tita K and moi

The phone that Tita K is using above is the new iPhone 6 Plus. Bongga divah? The phone I am holding close to my chest is the new iPhone 6, big thanks to my blog sponsor, SMART Infinity!

Smart recently launched the new iPhones to its SMART Infinity clients/VIPs last November 13 at Salon de Ning, where Julie Carceller, SMART Infinity business group department head and James Chi, SMART Infinity Marketing Manager led the SMART Infinity VIP Welcome Night.

Julie Carceller and James Chi of SMART Infinity

As it turns out, it is a SMART Infinity tradition to reward their members with the first batch of Smart-released iPhones in the country, which is just fitting for their premium clients who expect nothing less than SMART Infinity's renowned aftersales service and premium perks and privileges.

Case in point: Premium Plan 8000 clients receive two iPhone 6 16GB or an iPhone 6 16GB and a Macbook Air. Wow.

Prestige Plan 5000 clients receive an iPhone 6 64GB or iPhone6 Plus 16GB plus Php5,000 worth of GCs or credits to their Monthly Service Fee.

The countdown to the launch was made more exciting with raffle prizes, gourmet food and live entertainment by Sabor Latino.

I rarely go out at night, but I have to admit, it was fun to be out that evening, enjoying the band's music with Dada, and excitedly awaiting my new phone. Wahaha.

Lola MFO "partying" with James Chi of SMART Infinity and Janice Villanueva aka Mommy Mundo

I was so excited I got a case right there at the event, even before I had the phone.

And when I finally got the phone, woohoo!

But I did not open it and tinker with it until I woke up in the morning, where I instantly loved the lighter feel and bigger screen.

The iPhone 6 launch was not all hype, I have to tell you. 

Just three days after the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus launched to the public, this was what greeted me at the SMART Center in Shangri-la as I paid my bill.

For realz.

Want to upgrade to SMART Infinity, and get your hands on the new iPhone 6 phones? Click HERE.

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