Wednesday, November 26, 2014

MFO’s Verdict On: Lactacyd Cool & Fresh

I’ve been a Lactacyd user for years now, and I’ve always used this:

So it was with a bit of befuddlement when I couldn’t find it in my usual grocery store some weeks back. 

Instead, I was faced with a full range of product variations – Cool & Fresh, White Intimate, Revitalize, Lactacyd Protecting (the Original, re-packaged), and All Day Care – as in this package I received below: 

But hey, no complaints here! I actually am welcoming the new product line-up, because Lactacyd’s line of feminine hygiene products isn’t as clinical as it once was. It’s actually going the way of Lactacyd Toddler Tubs, which has an element of style and fun to it. The type where you’d actually look forward to bath time, because it’s such fun to use.

I’ve tried every single bottle I received above, and while it would take prolonged use to confirm the youth-reviving and whitening effects of said variants, and I can already vouch for the protecting and cleansing properties of Lactacyd, as I have been a repeat customer for over a decade now, I thought I should highlight Lactacyd Cool & Fresh, because if there’s a bottle worth trying, this is it! 

The Product: Lactacyd Cool & Fresh
The Promise: Stay cool and refreshed with Lactacyd Cool & Fresh.Escape feelings of stickiness or sweatiness as a result of excessive humidity, heat, and other environmental factors. Lactacyd Cool and Fresh puts an end to the discomfort with the cooling freshness of natural menthol essences.
  • Dermatologically tested safe
  • Enriched with refreshing menthol essences for a minty cool sensation
  • Provides feeling of freshness from sticky-feel within the day
  • Special formulation of natural milk lactoserum and lactic acid maintains pH balance of vagina 

Put to the Test: Following the instruction of using a thumb sized amount and using it as an external wash, I use it every time I shower, and true to its’ promise, the menthol in the product truly gives off a cool, refreshing feeling during and after rinsing. It’s almost like washing your privates with ice. But without the numbing 

Passing the Verdict: The minty feeling lasts well after I shower, but is gone by the time I am dressed. Which I think is just the right amount of time you’d want to feel cool down there. As with the other Lactacyd variants, it keeps me feeling clean and protected throughout the day. 

Practical Tip: I will totally stock up on this, especially during the summer months! 

Price: About Php99 for a 150ml bottle. 

Point of Sale: Lactacyd Cool & Fresh, as well at their entire range of feminine hygiene products are available at your favorite grocery stores, supermarkets and drug stores.

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