Saturday, December 13, 2014

Happy Holidays from Physiogel!

In this season of giving, I am giving some of my friends Physiogel gift packs, to help them and their family members be able to say, "I am Free in My Skin!" ;) Because diba, who wouldn't want the gift of smooth, supple skin? I know I would!

Of course, I am spreading the love online too, right here in my blog. Because I am giving away 5 Physiogel gift packs to five of my readers.

Each gift pack contains: 1 Physiogel cleanser 300 ml, 2 Physiogel Lotion 200 ml and 2 Physiogel Cream 75 ml.

That's almost like a full year's supply, so you remember me and Physiogel the whole year round. Heehee.

Joining is easy, simply join by using the Rafflecopter widget below:

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Contest ends on December 19, 2014 and winners will be announced on December 20. Prizes will be sent out via courier, hopefully in time for the winners to enjoy your Physiogel goodies this Christmas! ;)


macdimayuga said...

1) I've been an avid reader for about 2 years now. Your blog inspires me to be chic and fab. My favorite posts are those about your fashion tips and finds.

2) Our favorite is the Physiogel Lotion,. I say we, because my kids mostly use it. It's pedia recommended so I trust it to keep my kids' sensitive skin soft and protected.

Kelly de Guzman said...

Hi! Been reading for 3 years :) My fave post is holiday shopping with Tita K :)

Physiogel cleanser is the best because it cleans thoroughly without stripping natural moisture of the skin :)

Kristine Z Amar said...

I've been reading your blog three years now. I love your fashion finds and mommy finds. I learn about vapor soove because of you which is a great help for me and my kids.

My favorite physiogel product is the cream. It is the best for my kids' sensitive skin. It keeps the skin moisturized the whole day:)

Ali Sta Maria Dalisay said...

Been reading for over a year now. I don't have a favorite entry but I like the product features because I don't have time to go window shopping anymore.

I use the physiogel cleanser. I've been using it on my face since my pedia prescribed it for my son. It works so well on my combination skin!

Yna Bronozo said...

I've been using Physiogel cleanser for a long time because its hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic soap-free cleanser.
I've been visiting your blog for 2 years. And I love everything in it. specially fashion finds. It help me a lot in becoming confident on what I choose to wear.

Abigail Ong said...

Reading you blog post since searching for bag repairs in manila and come upon your older entry about color wash singapore. Hmmmm about a year and a half ago.
Physiogel Lotion, pure, non greasy non fragrant and hypoallergenic is why i stick to physiogel.

diane magat said...

I've been reading your blog since 2013 and I love your posts on building a wardrobe and your MFO/Beriray's style. I would like to try the Physiogel lotion as my skin gets really dry during cold weather. I like that it's non greasy and would really make skin smooth and supple.

micah said...

I've been reading your blog over a year ago since I find your topics helpful and interesting especially about parenting and lifestyle. I learned a lot from your blogs.

Been using physiogel cleanser and lotion since I was in college, that was 3 years ago. It was recommended by my derma since it could help with my eczema. I love how it cures and makes my skin soft and supple.

PhenomenalMama said...

Been a reader since forever! Nasa Singapore ka pa!:) My favorite blog post is your post on the OREO Halloween Trip and Treats. It's such a fun way to celebrate Halloween.

My kids all suffer from skin eczema, and add to that the daily exposure to chlorine from their swim training.. it all makes for very dry and sensitive skin. We are loyal Physiogel users in the family.We love that it keeps skin smooth and moisturized.

cherry tan said...

i've been reading for about 2-3 months already.
my favorite is physiogel cleanser, because its mild to the skin yet it thoroughly cleanses my skin

Mondeebee said...

I want to get to try all these Physiogel products! I hope to win! Hehe! ;)

Nadine Diamante said...

I've been reading your blog for more than a year now! Not sure exactly how but I think I discovered it through Apples and Dumplings blog! I enjoy your posts where Berry is in! She's such a cutieee!

I love Physiogel Cleanser because it saved my acne-prone skin! In fact I have recently bought a 900ml bottle from S&R. Haha! Won't hurt to have more. Hoping to win!

Anne Uy said...

MFO reader (admittedly more of a lurker!) since September 2011, when I had baby #2. I started reading because of the mommy and baby posts, but my favorite post has to be your French No Water Skin Care Routine. Very helpful for mamas trying to still take care of themselves.

My favorite Physiogel product is their AI Lotion (too bad it's not included in the giveaway). It's my doctor-prescribed lotion for dealing with dryness, especially since I have super sensitive skin. :)

hgtin said...

I've been an avid fan of your blog for more than 2 years! I love your shoe series entries and every time that you share new stuffs! I even bought a Salt Water Sandals because of your entries and Instagram posts! And i love your style, your my fashion peg!

I alternately use the A1 and regular lotion for my allergy prone skin, i need Phyisogel in my life! Please pick me :)

Camille Quiambao said...

I have been reading Manila Fashion Observer for about half a year already. My favorite entry is Made in Candy because I have a sweet tooth. The process of making those goodies really interesting.

My favorite Physiogel product is the Physiogel Cleanser because it is perfect for my sensitive skin.

notjustminerals said...

I have been a reader for more than a year. I don't have just 1 post that I like but a lot especially the posts on new stores opening in the Metro. I get to be updated as to what's new since I don't get to go out that much.
My favorite Physiogel product is the lotion which my daughter uses faithfully as her facial lotion for her eczema. Hope I get to be 1 the lucky ones.

Nikki Dacanay

Frances Ortiz said...

Chanced upon your blog when I was pregnant with my first born in 2010. Was looking for the "right" baby products to use and your post about Berry's beauty secrets introduced me to your blog. :) I can't pick a favorite entry but I always look forward to posts with Berry in it. I dress my daughter like your Beriray :)

My daughter and I love Physiogel's AI lotion. It moisturizes well and does not feel sticky at all. It easily soothes my daughter's eczema too.

Mary Jane Dionela Quintana said...

I discovered your blog in 2011 when I got pregnant and was looking for an article on what to wear during my pregnancy. The article What to Wear When You are Expecting is the very first article that I’ve read and since then I bookmarked your blog and became my fashion reference. I love everything about what you have written about shoes because I was amazed to see you wearing a Chuck Taylor.

My favorite Physiogel product is the cleanser. I use this for my son and also I use this as make up remover.

ronie said...

Been reading ur blog for almost a year now. I love to read everything about it especially about family stuffs.
I'm using physiogel cleanser for 2 years. It made my skin soft and I stay fresh and young.

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