Monday, December 15, 2014

The Gift of Good Health: Hi-Precision Diagnostics

It wasn't until I met Mel Ongsue-Lee of Hi-Precision Diagnostics did I realize that the power of preventive medicine is available to us right, here in the Philippines!

We got to talk about BRACAnalysis, a type of genetic testing that helps determine whether someone has one of the two genetic mutations – BRCA1 or BRCA2 – that can increase the risk of breast and ovarian cancer. It is the exact test that helped Angelina Jolie decide to have a double mastectomy.

Turns out, Hi-Precision offers the same test, right here. To be exact, the blood is extracted here, but is sent to their partner, Myriad Genetics in the US, to have it analyzed there.

They also have EndoPredict, a multi-gene test for breast cancer patients, which helps a patient decide on the best treatment strategy for them. In a nutshell and in layman's terms, there are some cases in which breast cancer patients are subjected to chemotherapy, even if they don't really need it. This leads to over treatment and exposure to unnecessary side effects and expenses. With EndoPredict, patients can decided on the best individual therapy strategy for them based on the biology of their tumor. (For detailed information on this, contact Hi-Precision at 741-7777)

Mel also says they do paternity tests, another kind of genetic testing, which of course, helps in determining if a guy really is the legitimate father of a kid. Just in case someone you know has such concerns, you know where to go. Hehe.

Curious about these breakthrough tests, I visited Mel at Hi-Precision Plus in Bonifacio Global City, and I have to say I was pretty impressed with the facilities.

Hi-Precision Plus The Fort is at the 3/F of Commercenter Building, by the parking area

The reception area of Hi-Precision Plus The Fort in Bonifacio Global City

I've always associated hospitals and clinics with doctor visits, and laboratories as something where I get blood work and X-rays done and that's about it. But Mel changed all that for me when she explained to me what else they can do. 

Because more than just a laboratory, they are a medical diagnostics facility equipped with the latest technology and software. They also have specialists on board, available for consultation.

Everything is laid out so well, with an extraction room:

The Biometrics counter:

A dedicated Drug Testing Lab:

Where they can also do Hair Follicle Drug Testing, if a person refuses to have their blood extracted, for whatever reason. Wink. Wink.

The Imaging section where X-rays and ultrasounds are done:

As well as physicians clinics and clean and sterile examination rooms.

I also noticed on their wall that they offer HIV testing...

And the super popular Food Intolerance Testing that many of my friends have already done themselves. Curious about this too? Well, Dada and I did this, thanks to Mel's convincing and I am excited to share the results with you as soon as we get them!

Meanwhile, let me highlight two more things!

1) Hi-Precision offers home service. If you would like to have some lab work done, but you don't have time to go to their lab, they can send one of their trained nurses to get samples from you at your home or office. If you are a huge household, you can even arrange for your annual physical exams to be done right at home, they can even bring the machines right to you!

Call the Home Service Hotlines at 741 7777/0922 890 6664/0947 896 6617 for inquiries or appointments.

2) Hi-Precision is now in Sta. Rosa, Laguna at Sta. Rosa Estates - which is great news for those living further south.

And they are offering 10% OFF on all laboratory tests until the end of this month, December 31, 2014!

It is close to Paseo de Sta. Rosa and pretty near Nuvali and Ayala Westgrove Heights, for those who are more familiar with these landmarks.

This holiday season, you may want to spend on preventive healthcare instead, and knowing what is available to us now, well, you know where to go! ;)

For more on Hi-Precision Diagnostics and their services, visit their website,

P.S. - I promise to share with you the highlights of my Food Intolerance Test, soon!

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April P. said...

Any opening slots for Medical Technologists in the Sta.Rosa branch? :)

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