Wednesday, April 22, 2015

MFO's Verdict On: The Spectra 9 Plus Rechargeable Breast Pump

I've tried manual breast pumps, electric breast pumps, and just recently, the Spectra 9 Plus Rechargeable Breast Pump, thanks to Mi'Ann Reyes Oblea, my friend and founder of BabyMama, the go to site for everything a mom needs to breast feed.

The Spectra 9 Plus is the latest addition to BabyMama's formidable lineup of affordable, quality breast pumps, all of which have been received with rave reviews, from moms who have successfully produced a lot of milk, they can even afford to donate dozens of bags at a time.

If you read the stories of the breastfeeding moms in BabyMama's Facebook page, you'll see how powerful the right attitude and the right tools are when it comes to breastfeeding. So inspiring.

As for my verdict on the Spectra 9 Plus? Find out below ;)

The Product: Spectra 9 Plus Rechargeable Breast Pump

The Product Origin: Made in Korea

The Promise: Ultra quiet. Rhythmic suction. Long life span. Massage mode and variable suction settings. May be used for dual pumping. BPA Free. For the full product features, click here.

The Spectra 9 Plus Rechargeable Breast Pump comes with an instruction booklet, 1 pump unit, 1 adapter, and two sets of tubing, back-flow protectors, breast shields, valves, bottles, bottle covers, nipples, bottle caps and disks

Put to the Test: Both my manual breast pump and electric breast pumps require some bit of assembly as with this rechargeable breast pump. In that sense, I spend about the same amount of time setting up for a pump session.

The back-flow protector on this one is not bulky at all. It looks like a UFO disc actually.

Composed of three parts, it's quite easy to assemble and disassemble.

For obvious reasons, using this is less tiring than using a manual pump. I just place the breast shields on my boobs, press the power button, then the massage button, and I'm good to go.

To start expressing, I just press on the massage button again. I adjust the suction speed via the + and - buttons where it says vacuum. The LCD Screen tells you what mode you are in (massage vs expression), the vacuum level, and has a timer and a battery power indicator as well.

The pump unit fits into my palm, and is about the size of a 3x5" index card

Size wise, it is so compact and handy, that I do not have to sit down and prop my pump unit on a table to keep it steady.

That said, it is very convenient to use. I can pump while sitting on the couch, while on the La-Z-Boy, even while on the bed, sitting against the headboard. As long as the unit is charged, I don't have to plug it into a socket while pumping.

It's super quiet too. I can pump anywhere, any time, even late into the night, when everybody is fast asleep, and no one would ever be bothered by it.

Passing the Verdict: This is a definite BUY. Price, Power and Proportions wise, it's a win-win all around.

Practical Tip: Because of the Spectra 9 Plus' small size, and the fact that it supports all voltages and currents (it may be plugged into a 110V plug in the US and 220V plug in Europe and Asia, 50/60Hz), this will be coming with me when we travel, that's for sure.

I can even fit it in my coat pocket if I wanted to. With the bottles and other parts, they can all fit in a gallon sized Ziploc bag. It's that tiny. But despite the diminutive proportions, this rechargeable breast pump has plenty of power.

Another thing, the bottle is freezer-ready, so there is no need to pour out the contents into a milk bag or another bottle if you so choose.

The bottle cover converts to a regular bottle collar, so you can just easily insert the nipple through it for a feeding.

Price: I am super happy to share that this one is super affordable at only Php9,000 and it does the job just the same as my Php30,000 electric breast pump.

I pump about 10 oz of milk (both breasts) which is just about as much as I would get from my electric double breast pump.

Point of Sale: Order the Spectra 9 Plus online at BabyMama also sells various breast pumps, lactation aids, milk storage products, spare parts, books and journals. 

You may also visit the BabyMama Store at 1006 Burgundy Place, B. Gonzales Street, Loyola Heights, Quezon City. Open Mondays to Saturdays, from 10 AM to 5 PM.

For inquiries and updates, visit the BabyMama Facebook page, HERE or call +632 435 7943.


Carla A. said...

Is it hard to clean and sterilize? Thanks!

Manila Fashion Observer said...

Not at all. Super easy to disassemble and sterilize, not too many parts to keep track off too!

Lara said...

How much ?

Manila Fashion Observer said...

It retails for Php9,000 only!

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