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Wilson's Place, Tagaytay: A Bed & Breakfast Destination

There are bed and breakfast places, then there are bed & breakfast destinations. Wilson's Place in Tagaytay falls in the latter category.

The first thing that strikes you about Wilson's Place is their pool. It's what greets you as you go through the entrance from the gravel driveway.

It's huge. It's gorgeous. You would want to dive right in.

It was a surprise that our kids waited until after breakfast the next day to do that. (Actually, it was the prospect of seeing animals and vegetables at Yoki Farm that kept them from jumping into the pool that afternoon!)

And they never left until it was time to get ready for lunch at Balay Indang in Indang, Cavite (more on that in a succeeding post!).

Beriray is somewhere here in the picture with Neva aka Manila Mommy's kids, hehehe

The pool alone guarantees hours of fun for the kids. Then again, it's also a serene spot if you just want to laze by the pool and chill. Like literally. Because hello, malamig sa Tagaytay!

Unlike your run of the mill bed & breakfast spots, and what makes Wilson's Place a destination on its own, is its character.

It is literally peppered with sculptures from the owner's personal collection. We're talking not just an accent piece here or there, but all over.

Then there's a campfire ground with mango trees, where there are swings hanging down the branches. I would watch the kids taking turns, swinging under the tree, shrieking with glee.

I couldn't help but think that this is what childhood memories are made of. So idyllic. Reminds me of the days when sprawling backyard gardens were the norm, and not the luxury it is nowadays.

At night, you can gather round the campfire and make s'mores. Reminisce about your childhood. Tell ghost stories. Scare each other out before you retreat to your rooms.

Or better yet, bring a guitar and sing your hearts out instead. That's less stressful than freaking out over the rustling of leaves or creaking doors, or footsteps by your window. Ooooh goosebumps. 

Just kidding, walang ghosts sa Wilson's Place! 

It's such a bright and cheery place. The mismatched furniture adds to the charm.

The main house is where we would go for meals. All the guests convene here for their delicious, elevated notches higher, home cooked meals.

The food was expectedly delicious. Our friends who have been to Wilson's before praised their meals to high heavens. For dinner, we had ceasar salad, mushroom soup soooo good I could imagine the mushrooms were just harvested that same day, salted egg pasta, grilled pork chop, and cereal prawn balls. OMG. Drool. The photos I took will not give it justice. You have to go to taste it.

Breakfast was as yummy as this looked. If you are craving for garlic rice, mango salsa, gourmet tuyo and beef tapa as you read this, I am warning you. Do. Not. Scroll. Down.

Wow, that got me hungry again. This was really worth waking up earlier than usual for. And I am not even a morning person!

Now that I've told you about breakfast, and how good it was, let me tell you about the bed part.

We stayed in one of the casitas, which was a family room that fit our entire family of five plus Nana. It is meant to fit four adults but fit all six of us comfortably.

Cute and cozy, it was like having our own little cottage in the woods.

Of course, at the heart of Wilson's Place is the family behind it. We came as guests of Raquel Ongsue and her family, and we parted as friends. That's how it felt like. They toured us around their farm, Yoki Farm (more on that, coming soon!) shared meals and stories with us, such consummate hosts.

While Wilson's Place is a great place for families who want to go out of town for a quick getaway, it's great for big groups as well.

Because it can fit a group of 30, 40 max, it is big enough to sleep a small office department, a high school barkada with families, balikbayan relatives and posse, a wedding entourage.

Depending on your agenda, you can stay in and do your annual planning in the main house, where there are plenty of tables for break out sessions, or head out to Yoki Farm and other touristy Tagaytay spots during the day, and retire at Wilson's Place come night.

Character. Charm. Coziness. Wilson's Place has that and more. You'd want to come back soon, and often.

For more information on rates and how to get here, see below.


Wilson’s Place Overnight Stay inclusive of Dinner and Breakfast
Petite Room ( good for 2 ) Php5,000
Regular Room ( good for 2 ) Php5.5k
Family Room ( good for 4 ) Php8.5K
Extra person is Php1,700 ( inclusive of mattress , dinner, bfast )
** Plus 3% gratuity

Driving Directions: While on the Tagaytay-Nasugbu Highway heading to Nasugbu, turn right on the next street after Sotogrande Avenue. There's an arch overhead that small street, which is Maglabe Drive. In case you get lost, ask for directions to The Flower Farm. It would feel like you are driving for miles past it, but just go straight ahead. Wilson's Place is farther down the road.

Wilson's Place
Maglabe Drive, Tagaytay City
Mobile: +639158645706 / +639175357218 / +639178665825
Facebook: Wilson's Place

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