Monday, July 06, 2015

No Scrubs with Suds

I was trying to think of a witty caption for this blog post and guess what popped into my head? 

No Scrubs. Only by the coolest R&B girl group of all time, TLC.

Because when it comes to doing laundry, I don't want no scrub. 

Grabe, I am laughing all by myself here. Am I the only one getting the reference?

Anyway, I was kind of getting asar with our neighborhood dry cleaning place because they didn't want to take in my embroidered Isabel Marant dress and my beaded Filip+Inna. They were scared to touch them daw, that I ended up taking my dresses to the dry cleaner in Rockwell Power Plant.

My friend Michelle aka My Mom Friday told us she'd brought her laundry to Suds a few weeks back, which had a shop near our place, and so I decided to try them out. 

I figured, if Suds could clean these stuffed blocks that belonged to Berry when she was a baby, my Madewell silk shirt, Uniqlo cashmere cardigan and Marc Jacobs winter coat that was never dry cleaned ever since we left the States, then they get the thumbs up.

Well, I got to hand it to them. I was pretty impressed with the pre-wash service from the get go. 

Their guy really took the time to count the items I bought in, measure the soft blocks, and even inspect each garment for holes, tears, stains and what not.

Unlike my regular dry cleaner who takes note of what I bring in using a checklist pad, everything was inputted into a system. Which was a relief, because soon enough I lost my copy of their service order receipt.

"May picture ako, gusto mo makita?", I asked the guy at the counter as I was about to pick up my dry cleaning.

He answered, "Wag na ma'am, pangalan nyo na lang po?". Naks.

And because I was happy with their service, I have since come back to have our towels washed and disinfected (their washing service includes anti-bacterial treatment), and our duvet covers laundered because it was impossible to get them dry fast enough with our wet season as of late. 

While most of my delicate clothes that don't require dry cleaning are still hand washed by our trusted yaya in charge of laundry, I wouldn't be afraid to bring them to Suds for their Special Wash service. They'd be happy take in delicate or expensive items for dry cleaning/hand washing.

My bill wasn't a shocker too. Total price for getting my top, cardigan, winter coat and soft blocks dry cleaned only cost me a little over Php800. Getting towels and sheets washed was only Php40 a kilo.

To give you a clearer picture on pricing, see here:

No scrubs na talaga with Suds.

Suds Laundry and Dry Cleaning Services is a full service, retail professional garment care and cleaning service company which caters to individuals and institutions. There are a total of 30 Suds stores all over Metro Manila, Cavite and Cebu.

For more on Suds services, click here. For franchising opportunities, click here. For up to date announcements, Like Suds Laundry on Facebook.

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