Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Meet Aubade and L'insoumise: Bra Expert

A few months ago, my friend Suyin Lee told me about her friend from St. Scho Manila, Barrie Tugade of L'insoumise. She truly is the bra expert, and you've got to continue reading so I can tell you why.

Barrie had just brought in French lingerie, or rather, innerwear line Aubade, and Suyin who was in the market for new underwear after years of breastfeeding, was blown away.

Underwear was just underwear to her before, but all that changed when Barrie initiated her into her world - where bras and panties aren't just functional wear meant to hold our wobbly bits, but powerful armor crafted from lace and silk, made for the sole purpose of making us feel good about ourselves.

Hence, innerwear, and not underwear.

An Aubade bra only uses the finest materials, be it leavers lace, guipure, broderie anglaise, satin and silk

The same goes for their gossamer like underwear

Suyin then went on to tell me about how passionate Barrie is about innerwear, how important it is to get the fit right, and how it is a rite of passage for French girls to be measured for their brassieres. Suyin was convinced we should wear pretty innerwear not just for special occasions but for everyday.

Of course, I was convinced too. I was picking out French, pretty, special, fit and luxurious from her story, and I liked Barrie already.

More so when Barrie sent Suyin and I a few pieces to try on at home and I finally got it how some women always say wearing beautiful lingerie makes them feel powerful. 

Because when I slipped on that black lace set with pale pink rosettes above, it felt like there was a light that switched on inside me and I suddenly saw myself in a different light. 

Like literally, there was a barely audible "shwoop" as I clasped on the bra and when I looked in the mirror, it was "Wow."

I never get that from wearing Spanx, my granny panties or everyday t-shirt bras. Most especially when I'm wearing my ratty breastfeeding bras no!

This is because while Aubade bras and panties are pretty by themselves, they are also made to perfection. They look delicate and the feel is luxurious, but they can also hold in serious skin. We don't have to be models to feel great in it.

"There was this lady who tried on a set at the shop and my girl called me to say the woman was in the fitting room, clapping with joy! It's stories like this that make what I do worth it", Barrie shared when Suyin and I finally met up with her over lunch at Rocky's in Rockwell.

True enough, it was like a meeting of like minded souls. Well actually, make that of prophet and two eager, newly-recruited disciples. 

As we listened to Barrie talk about Aubade and the transformative power of innerwear, we sensed the undeniable love and passion for her chosen craft, it made me want to bring Berry to her for her first bra fitting when she comes of age, so we can start our own tradition. It made we want to tell all my friends and you guys about Aubade because it was too good it has to be shared.

There is nothing like Aubade in our market today, and nothing like Barrie offering fit services.

For now, you may follow @iamlinsoumise on Instagram for updates, but better to visit the L'insoumise corner at Cinderella in Alabang Town Center to see what I mean. 

Meanwhile, Suyin and I will be working on how we can bring Aubade, Barrie and L'insoumise closer to all of us who live North of Alabang, promise.

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