Thursday, December 03, 2015

10 Years of Holidays with Debenhams

Debenhams has been in the Philippines for a good solid 10 years, and a decade later, it's still a great source for many great, good quality finds for clothing, household and gifts. 

If you're often looking for something nice to wear, visit Debenhams in Shangri-la Plaza Mall or Estancia at Capitol Commons for clothes we can wear this holiday season:

They also have plenty of everyday pieces for work:

And pretty tops such as this one, that we can wear pretty much to whatever occasion.

My mom has clothes that are over 15 years old by Principles at Debenhams, and they still look great today. They're not just well made, they're closet classics too.

The same goes for their sleepwear. You can wear these for years!

I forget that the kids section at Debenhams are fun to shop at. Must remember this!

My friend Dennis, who has a gorgeous apartment in the St. Francis Shangri-la Place tells me he finds a lot of chic home pieces in the home section of Debenhams. 

True enough, I stumbled upon these ornaments in the home section, that together, will adorn one very chic tree.

These makes me want to overhaul our Christmas tree!

My top picks? A graceful ballerina that Berry will love, for Php395.

Glitter edged goblets.

Fun and fancy drop crystals. I waaaaant!

If you think Marks & Spencer is the only reliable resource for decent underwear, let's not forget Debenhams. The selection here is comparable in terms of price, range and quality.

They have shape wear as well. To hide our holiday bulges, dears, heehee.

As well as slips and half slips! For some reason, my sisters and friends say it's hard to find slips and half slips na daw, but Debenhams has a lot. File this info away!

Their swimwear section has plenty of chic, tasteful swim wear, coverups and such as well.

If you're looking for fun, unique holiday gifts, here's a bright idea: Go to Debenhams!

They have a mix of cute and practical tchotchkes for your high school buddies, young nieces and nephews, teenage godchildren, your child's tutor, friendly neighbors, just about anyone really.

I've really only just skimmed the surface of what you can find at Debenhams, so I suggest you visit Debenhams stores in Shangri-la Plaza and Estancia to see more of their fantastic selection. 

Oh, and Happy 10th Year Anniversary, Debenhams!

For more on the latest at Debenhams, like their Facebook Page, Debenhams Philippines.

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