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MFO's Verdict On: Mamas and Papas Armadillo Stroller

Today I will share with you my review on the Mamas and Papas Armadillo stroller. We've had this  a week before Tepper was born, so yes, this is a one year review in the making. Yehesss.

It may have taken forever to publish this, but the benefit of doing a full year road test is that I've really seen how this Mamas and Papas stroller held up growing with Tepper, from the time he was a newborn to to an active one year old.

Let's face it, strollers don't come cheap, and more than just aesthetics, I know parents want to know about durability, safety, manoeuvrability, and value as well. You don't get to know all that in a week or month, right? Right! So here goes!

The Product: Mamas and Papas Armadillo Push Chair (in Lemon Drop)

Product Origin: Mamas & Papas is a brand of baby products from the UK, founded by Luisa and David Scacchetti in 1981. They were first time parents who wanted better products, now their daughters are running the business. Today Mamas & Papas is known for insightful design, thoughtful service, and quality baby products available via a chain of 37 stores and 100 stockists. It was brought in recently to the Philippines by Kathleen Joy Chua and her husband, who are parents of two little ones.

The Promise: The Armadillo is the "original big little stroller". A compact second stroller that's full of stretching room and comfy features. (I don't know what they mean by second stroller, maybe it's meant for travel or as a back-up stroller. Technically, this is our fifth stroller, and is used as Tepper's primary stroller. In that sense, I know what I want and need in a stroller by now, and can tell you what's essential and what is pretty much, a good one. What I can say for now is, this can work as your one and only stroller!)

Forward facing seat, for toddlers discovering their world,  with an XXL hood- UPF 50+ fabric for maximum protection in every kind of weather.

Wriggle room-big seat designed to let them stretch. Full recline-for long, leisurely naps.

Unique Easy-Fold technology-folds and opens in seconds with one hand

Put to to the Test: Strollers serve one purpose, to push your child and his/her diaper bag in it, so you don't have to carry the weight of the world. But not all strollers are made equal. I've gone through a lot, you'd realize there are some strollers your kids want to sit on, and strollers they will not even want to be in. Bottomline, all three of my kids approve of the Armadillo stroller. They all want to sit on it.

I like that it's stable and easy to push around, the wheels don't get wobbly, and they can withstand the rough and tumble of village streets. It has a 5 point harness, so safety wise, it's very secure. It might also interest you to know that Mamas & Papas is the only baby brand with an on-site UK accredited Test Lab; meaning all their products are rigorously assessed for safety, making sure they hold up to everything.

Folding and unfolding a tricky stroller is one of my pet peeves. The last thing you want while using a stroller is wasting time figuring out how to get your child to sit on it, while holding on to a baby bag. You also do not want to waste minutes trying to remember how to fold it back, so you can put it back in the trunk. 

There are times when we haven't used a stroller in weeks and have forgotten how to fold it, that we'd put the entire stroller at the back of our SUV, in its pure, unfolded form. Lolz. It's funny now, but I remember it wasn't funny then because there was an impatient driver behind us who wasn't happy about us blocking the hospital driveway.

It's no longer an issue with the Armadillo. Look at how fast I can unfold and fold it. It literally just takes seconds, even with just one hand free.

Another great thing about the Armadillo is that you don't have to keep on changing strollers. It's all you need really. That's why I don't get that second stroller talk. Tepper has been using this since he was a newborn. 

He is one year old now, and there's still plenty of room for him to grow into.

I especially like the thoughtful features built into the stroller, like this  peek-a-boo window-for quick check-ups. No need to go to the front of the stroller to check if your kid is still there. Heehee.

It's a simple, no fuss, stroller that weighs about 16 lbs. Not the lightest, but definitely easy and light enough to lug around when traveling. It's also very stylish, and not at all bulky. Bagay sa lahat ng outfit ko!

Passing the Verdict: That said, we love this stroller. It's a definite buy. Imagine getting a Bugaboo Bee for a fraction of the price.

Practical Tip: It has to be stressed. While it is marketed as a second stroller, I have to say, buy this and it will be all you'll ever need. It's car seat compatible too, so it goes with your existing car seat, no need to buy those bulky travel systems.

Price: Php16,000 and currently available at the Mamas and Papas Philippines site in Black, Blue and Teal. 

Point of Sale: For the full list of stores, online and otherwise, click HERE.

For more on Mamas and Papas Philippines, Like their Facebook Page, Follow @mamasandpapasph on Instagram and visit to see the full range of products.  Contact (02)9074122, 0917-5356165 for product queries.

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