Thursday, December 10, 2015

MANGO Kids Sale + Fall/Winter Dressing Tips for Kids

What's the next best thing to going on vacation some place cold? Shopping for cold weather clothes, of course! 

Well, then again, maybe that's just me. Heehee. If the thought of shopping for clothes daunts you, more especially fall/winter wear, let me hold your hand and show you the way.

1. Shop off season.  The best deal for fall/winter stuff happens off season. Luckily for us in the tropics, cold weather clothes aren't fast moving, and will go on sale, just about the time you are about to jet off during Christmas break. Case in point: the Mango Kids winter wear SALE!

I spotted a plethora of waterproof puffer jackets for girls and boys- that should keep your wee ones warm and toasty while skiing down the bunny slope, or on their back while making snow angels.

Not feeling the Michelin Man vibe? These waist coats are pretty spiffy and will keep their bodies warm enough. You can wear these over a fleece jacket, with a hoodie, even a denim jacket. If the weather isn't too cold, just wear a long sleeved t-shirt or a light sweater underneath.

2. Accessorize. Part of the fun of bundling up is wearing scarves, hats, mittens and ear muffs. While ear muffs and boots aren't necessities, and needing them depends on whether you are actually going someplace extremely cold, scarves are always a practical buy. FYI, there's plenty at Mango Kids.

3. The art of layering. There is such a thing as overheating, even in winter. If kids wear too many layers, not only will they have trouble walking, they will sweat inside, causing their clothes to get wet, which will bring their body temperature down when exposed to the elements. 

As a rule of thumb, I would do two layers during the fall, and three during winter. Here's an illustration, with Berry doing Fall, and Xavi doing winter:

- start off with your regular clothes. After all, most of the time spent in cold weather are indoors, in temperature controlled homes, malls, museums and such. A regular t-shirt should be fine for Fall. Switch to a long sleeved t-shirt or a thermal shirt in winter, or wear a sando underneath a t-shirt for that extra layer of warmth.

- wrap a scarf around their neck to protect it from cold. Scarves are more than just an accessory, they are very practical to have around actually.

- during winter, wear a wooly hat that can also cover their ears.

- wear a light jacket for fall, such as this suede one on Berry. Switch to a preferably waterproof, well-insulated jacket in winter. For extra warmth, bring a cardigan, sweater or hoodie that they can wear if the jackets are not sufficient. Know your child's tolerance to cold, so you know when you need to put on or peel off layers.

- I find that there really is no need to spend on boots for the kids, especially if you are only on vacation abroad. Instead, wear comfortable shoes like flats with skid-proof rubber or gum soles or sneakers. But of course, if you are going to a ski resort and will spend a lot of time outdoors, get shearling boots for indoors, and waterproof ones are best for hours on the snow.

Now, that wasn't that hard, right?

To see more of MANGO Kids Fall fashion, follow @mangokids on Instagram, or better yet, visit MANGO Kids in Glorietta 2, Mall of Asia, SM BF Paranaque, Trinoma, Ayala Cebu and Eastwood.

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