Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Christmas 2015 Gift Guide: MAGFORMERS

Just when I was like, "Mom, don't buy the kids toys na. They have too many.", I soon found myself retracting that statement. Because we want Magformers. Lots of it!

My friend Kath Cham introduced me to her friend Jaimee Frondoso, who is the official distributor of Magformers in the Philippines. We invited some of my mommy blogger friends to join us for breakfast, and over Angel's Kitchen champorado, Angus beef tapa and longganisa, we got to play with Magformers, an award winning magnetic construction toy from Korea that is one of the highly rated toys on Amazon. It was too much fun.

While everyone was eating, I found myself transfixed by this video looping on Jaimee's laptop.

She happened to have stacks of Magformers on the table, and as we chatted, I found myself playing with them.

I started off with a simple tower:

Attempted to make a star:

And then Jaimee joined in and we ended up with all these to fill one table!

She even showed us how to make this fox!

Then we got ambitious. We started building cars. Jaimee said they also have Transform Sets. Mechanized sets for the bigger kids, where they can build moving cars, robots, tanks, planes, helicopters and such, learning about engineering concepts while at it.

I was sold. Sold. Sold. Sold. If I was entertained by Magformers, how much more the kids? This was waaaaay better than having them occupied by an iPad. After all not only are Magformers entertaining, they're educational too - great for enhancing a child's creativity and brain development.

Plus, they come in the prettiest pastel shades too, like this Inspire Set. 

For the girly girls, the ultimate would be the Princess Set. You and your little girl can make a castle, a crown, a sceptre, even a unicorn! I am in love. Want. Need. For me! I mean, Berry. Haha.

Seriously though, Magformers may just be the solution to getting rid of the iPad on your dinner table, once and for all. My friend Kath already swears by it, and I've seen it for myself.

ATTN: Grandparents and Godparents. Hint. Hint. Gift idea. The kids NEED this. Haha.

Buy Magformers at Rustans Makati and Shangri-la and Toys r Us Trinoma. For updates, visit the Magformers Philippines Facebook page, and follow @magformersph on Instagram.

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