Thursday, December 24, 2015

My Year with Smart Infinity: 8 Things I Love

You know you're a Tita na when the basic phone plans just won't cut it.

I need Internet 24/7. I most especially need it when I travel. I make calls and texts to family, friends, the household staff. I don't need bill shock, at the end of each billing cycle. Most of all I don't want to have to wait in line to pay for my bill.

Fortunately, I upgraded to Smart Infinity last year, and I get all that and more, with my 3500 Consumable Plan. It is so worth it! Here are 8 reasons why:

1. I got first dibs when they launched the iPhone 6. Which was a huge thing, given that the phones practically sold out as soon as they hit the stores. The latest phones out now for Smart Infinity subscribers are the iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, Samsung Edge Plus and Note 5 devices. You may get them free, when you sign up to Smart Infinity.

2. It's a Travel enabler.  For really frequent flyers, Smart Infinity's Enhanced Roaming Plan will really take bill shock out of the equation. Another great travel experience with Smart Infinity? PAL Mabuhay Miles bundled with your new phone!

Since I don't travel as heavily as I did before, I just use Smart Surf Abroad, where I basically just spend Php550/day for my internet use while abroad. It's available to all Smart subscribers, actually. I'm huge on phone use, more so when I am abroad because I like to stay in contact with Dada and/or the kids back home, I use Waze to get around, get an Uber ride, or just share photos on my IG account.

3. Shopping! Oh yes. With Smart Infinity, you get your elixir of choice. If shopping is more your thing, there's the SSI Purple Card to take care of your fix.

My Smart Infinity privileges definitely came in handy when Dada had to go on a business trip, and he needed a casual winter jacket. Used my stash of Purple Cards at Marks & Spencer, and walked away with this classic quilted jacket he's always had his eye on. Loved that we got it, almost for free!

4. More gadgets! My Smart Infinity x Switch gift cards came to the rescue when I needed a new Macbook to replace my Macbook Pro that got dropped and would no longer turn on. Such a lifesaver,  given that it subsidised a substantial chunk of the cost of my Macbook Air, and for this alone, my Smart Infinity plan was worth it! 

5. One of a kind experiences. Like the Trifecta launch I attended, featuring BenCab + Samsung Note 5 partnership. To watch BenCab himself draw Sabel live, that was breathtaking!

6. First dibs on tickets to musical spectacles!  It has become tradition for Smart Infinity to bring over all the world-class, must-watch musicals, because they do not only aim to provide the best mobile service, they also want to offer the most delightful experiences to their subscribers. Last year it was Chicago. 

This year, it's Les Miserables! I've seen this years ago in London, and I cannot wait to take Berry to see it here!

7. When it's time to pay the bill, No lines! While technically, bills can be paid online, or via an auto-debit arrangement with your bank, it's good to know that Smart Infinity subscribers no longer need to line up if they have to pay at a Smart center. Just say you're a Smart Infinity subscriber, and you can take the express lane, when paying your bills. Because time is luxury!

8. Giving back + More. Smart Infinity is not just about the unbeatable phone service, fancy affairs, gadgets and treats. Smart Infinity donates to the PLDT-Smart Foundation to help fund their causes.

Smart Infinity also gives us practical perks, with First Call 24/7, a new way to get professional health care advice whenever, wherever. Service is free for Metro Manila subscribers until December 31, 2015. Call *800 or your Infinity Relationship Officer to learn more about First Call 24/7.

I've had a great year with Smart Infinity, I can't wait to see what's in store for  2016! Really, I cannot  imagine going back to a basic plan, after this!

It's about time you enjoy these exclusive plans, perks and privileges with Smart Infinity too! For more about Smart Infinity, visit

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