Thursday, January 07, 2016

Kurrently Kondo-ing

for those looking, I found this book in National Bookstore Podium

I'm sorry for my absence here in the blog for the past couple of weeks. You see, I've become a Konvert. I read the book last year, but it wasn't until this month that I decided I was actually going to do something about it.

I wanted to start the year right by going on a full on purge. I've been cleaning out and decluttering,  and my gosh, it's so addicting. I love how my desk looks so neat now, when just two weeks ago, I couldn't even find my laptop underneath a pile of stuff.

It was really this Fast Company video of Marie Kondo organizing an editor's office desk that changed everything for me.

Late last month, I cleaned out old press kits, folders, envelopes and some other documents that were filling up in a basket under my desk. Call it the Kondo effect but I liked how it made the space under my table breathe. I also felt less frazzled and harassed. It's true, clutter can really affect your state of mind, never mind the convenient excuse that clutter = creativity.

If Marie could clear out a desk in record time, I thought I could do the same for the top of my work desk. Which is like, more important than the bottom right? Haha.

So anyhow, yes, it turned out so nice and sparse and calming, I actually enjoyed sitting on my desk. Thing is though, decluttering is so addictive, I started out on the clothes, and haven't been able to sit on my newly clean desk since. In fact, my husband now calls me Tintin Kondo.

Give me a few more days, and I will be back, so I can share with you my discoveries from late last year and early this year. Like:

- Banila Co makeup from Korea making its way to the Philippines
- the fun finds from stationery shop Artbox, another Korean sensation that has made its way to our shores
- Kazam Balance Bikes, which taught Berry how to balance on a two wheel bike, no training wheels necessary!
- Mommy approved health gadgets: Luva Pure Air purifier and Crane Travel Humdifier
- My Biobalance experience
- Tepper's 1st Birthday Fiesta!

I'm pretty sure I may have missed out on something, but I'll get back to you when I'm done, ok fine, when I'm taking a break from Konmari!

Because honestly at this rate, I've been barraging my friends with my neatly folded underwear drawer, sharing it to them on our private group. I thought I'd spare you the shock of seeing my underwear in its fully Konmari folded glory and suggest you read up on Konmari, as discussed by writers for and against it. Para balanced diba?

The Wall Street Journal on the Cult of Tidying Up, HERE.
Goop's illustrated guide to the Konmari manner of folding, HERE.
Slate's Laura Miller on how morbid Marie Kondo's  decluttering philosophy is, HERE.
Racked's Carlye Wisel's problem with Marie Kondo, HERE.

There's a second book following The Lifechanging Magic of Tidying Up by the way, and it's called, surprise surprise: Spark Joy.

If you're looking for more inspiring stories of decluttering, join Konmari Adventures on Facebook. Seeing all these women sharing the before and after of their homes? Amazing. Astounding. Ztupendous.

See you soon, as I write from my freshly decluttered desk, set against my decluttered home.

If I Kondo it, you Kon too!

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