Tuesday, December 08, 2015

SevenFriday V Series

Trying on the new V2 on my wrist, from the V Series by SevenFriday

When Sevenfriday invites you to lunch, you go. Even though I am not in the market for a new watch, I've always been curious about the brand and their range of unique watches that are unlike any other watch pieces out there. 

Watch enthusiast Any Bulanadi and his wife Joannah, who brought in SevenFriday (as well as Bomberg watches) to the Philippines and Hong Kong, shares that SevenFriday has quickly built a cult following in 5 years, remarkable in the industry, but unsurprising, thanks to its Swiss roots, distinctive design, remarkable way of telling time and accessible price points.

But they are not resting on their laurels. This year, SevenFriday goes beyond it's signature rounded square face, that has been likened to a vintage TV screen by A Blog to Watch.

Enter the V series watches, VI/01 and V2/02, inspired by engines and industrial design. As expected, the design is done in Europe, and powered by a mechanical movement made in Japan, Miyota 82S7. They look practically the same, except for some subtle changes in color in the strap and watch face.

V1 has the black strap with a white face:

V2 has the brown strap with a dark face:

Both come embedded with an NFC chip, for authenticity verification. I need to warn you though, it takes a bit of practice to tell time with these watches, but once you get the hang of it, should make for an interesting conversation piece.

Here are the specs of the V1/01:

Here are the specs of the V2/01:

The watches come in this crate-inspired box, which suggests that the SevenFriday makes for a great everyday watch that does not take itself seriously. 

For more on SevenFriday watches in the Philippines, visit their Facebook page, or the SevenFriday stores in Promenade 3 Greenhills and 5th Level of Mega Fashion Hall. SevenFriday watches are also available in Washington branches.

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