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MFO Gift Guide: Trollbeads, Every Story Has a Bead

I may be a minimalist at heart, but when faced with a compelling concept, I throw that aesthetic out the window. Heehee. 

Take for instance my current fascination with Danish jewelry brand Trollbeads, whose founders started the original but then novel “bead on bracelet” concept 40 years ago, in 1976 (same age as me!).

I would often pass by their store in Glorietta, but it was only until I stepped inside their shop in Robinsons Magnolia did I realize how easy it was to spend an hour inside the store, looking at their silver, glass and stone beads, and choosing a set that would tell the story of my life. 

Because yes, that’s what Trollbeads is all about. With over 500 beads in their vast collection, every story has a bead, and as with our own personal stories, each bead is highly meaningful and inspirational. 

They have Family themed beads, Love beads, Spirituality beads, Chakra beads and yes, even Travel beads. 

Love & Family beads 

 Spirituality – spot the rosary bead! 

 Travel – USA, Germany and Italy themed beads. Add a bead to your collection, each time you visit a new country. 

Each season, they come up with a new collection, and for Spring 2016, the theme is  “Uplifting”, with a selection of glass and silver beads that are covetable as they are collectible. 

A montage of pieces from the the Uplifting Collection, a reminder that we have the power to find inner peace, and be an inspiration to others 

The highlight of this collection are 3 Precious Beads: Fragile Purity, Honest Love and Healing Heart. All three are sparkling glass beads embedded with 13 cubic zirconia stones in pastel shades of pink, green and blue. The pink and blue are particularly very Pantone Color of the Year appropriate. 

As with all Trollbeads beads, you may wear them as a single bead on a chain, stack them up… 

from L to R: Fragile Purity, Honest Love and Healing Heart 

...or string them together in one bracelet or bangle with other beads, to create a story that is meaningful to you. 

Meanwhile, new Spring 2016 designs for the silver beads are Soft Wind of Change, which also comes as a pendant for their new Changeable Fantasy Necklace. 

Yin Yang Floating, a reminder that life is made up of day and night, inhaling and exhaling, tension and relaxation and this bead unites these pulses into one.

 And the Heaven Crane family, said to be the link between heaven and earth, a beautiful messenger and a symbol of freedom and longevity. 

The Spring 2016 Collection is now available in stores, but you also might want to consider coming back for their Valentine 2016 bead ring, out in stores by February 1, 2016. Since you know, Valentine’s Day is just right around the corner. *winkwink* 

Valentine bead ring for 2016 

It’s a bead, on a ring. You may even string the bead on a bangle or necklace. So versatile! 

Here’s a gift giving tip from MFO though. If you really want to give something truly special, give a themed one na! Like this “Family” bangle I put together with the help of the girls at Trollbeads Robinsons Magnolia and Joy Dauz, the Brand Manager of Trollbeads herself. How lucky no? 

My “Family” of Trollbeads, which goes so well with my existing accessories, from L to R: Fireworks, Malachite, Double Heart, Hessonite Garnet and Fireworks again 

Here’s what each bead in my bangle means: 

The silver Fireworks beads which flank each end of the bangle, before the stoppers, are a fitting reminder that every end has a new beginning. I also like to think Fireworks means celebration, and warding off negativity. 

I added the green stone, a Malachite, because not only does it bring balance in relationships – which is key to a family, it is also said to be a strong protector of children and travelers. Para when we travel, diba? 

I chose the Double Heart to be placed in the center, to stand for me and Dada. Because I believe the most important relationship in the family is between husband and wife, and having stable and solid parents set the tone for the family and practically guarantees that the kids are happy and secure. 

The brown stone, a Hessonite Garnet is again for protection and meant to bring luck in friendships and our journey in life. 

Thank you Joy for helping me put together my first ever Trollbeads bangle! 

I love it! Every time I look at my bangle, I am reminded of Dada and our three kids. I think: luck, love, and protection. Happy, positive thoughts. Which is just the sort of emotion you’d want to get out of someone you give Trollbeads to. Now that in my book, is a winning gift! 

About Trollbeads: 

Trollbeads is an exquisite set of personalized jewelry – a concept that allows consumers to mix and match, be creative and feel the magic, allowing them to reflect on life by glancing down on the beads and all that they symbolize. 

Trollbeads isn’t just a jewelry brand – it is a unique lifestyle, a precious investment that increases in emotional and financial value as the collection grows. Trollbeads is like the rebellious, yet clearly loved relative who captivates us with unpredictable stories, who provokes smiles, fuels our imagination and takes us on unexpected journeys. 

Each piece in the Trollbeads collection has its own story and personality, having taken inspiration from mythology, astrology, fairy tales, fauna, flora, cultural diversity and the familiar things of everyday life crafted in finest jewelry materials. 

As with all Trollbeads products, the customer has the freedom to be your own designer, collecting a bead for every milestone in your life. Trollbeads is both for men and women, allowing them the opportunity to tell their own stories by combining beads on bracelets, necklaces and earrings. The combination is entirely up to you, so it is possible to compose a piece of jewelry in a style that matches your clothes, personality and precious memories. 

In the Philippines, Trollbeads is available at Trollbeads Robinsons Magnolia, Glorietta, Mall of Asia and Ayala Center Cebu.

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