Saturday, January 30, 2016

Food Intolerance Test Promo at Hi-Precision!

Many of my friends have been asking me about Hi-Precision's Food Intolerance Test, but when they find out how much it costs, many of them would be like. "Next time na lang, when it's cheaper na."

Well dear friends, that time has come.

Mel Ongsue-Lee of Hi-Precision Diagnostics has shared with me the news many of you have been waiting for!

Starting tomorrow, February 1 until March 31, 2016, their popular Food Intolerance Test will be offered at a discounted price of Php12,000 from the original Php15,000 at all Hi-Precision branches! 

At this price, there should be no more excuses not to take it. It has done wonders for me, trust me when I say, it's super worth it!

Read about my experience with Hi-Precision's Food Intolerance Test here, and the results I've been enjoying since I started minimising my intake of food in my elevated risk food group, here.

For more information about Hi-Precision Diagnostics, their Food Intolerance Test and other services, call 741-7777 or visit

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