Sunday, January 31, 2016

MFO's Verdict On: Oral B Pro-Health Cross Action Toothbrush

I'm obsessed with nice teeth, and I do look at people's teeth when I talk to them. I do notice when other people have plaque. You know how other girls feel the urge to pluck another girl's eyebrow while speaking to her? That's me with plaque. I kinda want to tell the person to get it scraped off. Hihihi.

If you don't know what plaque is, it's that thick, sticky yellowish layer around teeth, kind of a like a soft build-up around teeth corners and in-between teeth. Like if you run your tongue across your teeth, you feel a fuzzy teeth surface. Sounds familiar?

But more than just an aesthetic nuisance, plaque has serious consequences. It leads to tooth decay, even gingivitis and periodontitis.

In our household, I have plaque under control because, tadaaa! I use Oral-B Pro-health Cross Action toothbrush. If you know anyone with a problem with plaque, you better read this review.

The Product: Oral-B Pro-Health Cross Action toothbrush

The Promise: Provides superior cleaning with its unique 16-degree angle brush, CrissCross bristles, textured tongue cleaner, soft gum massagers, and Power Tip bristles to remove 99% plaque with 7 oral care benefits for a clean, healthy mouth: 

1. Removes hard-to-reach plaque
2. Promotes healthy gums
3. Cleans along the gemlike
4. Polishes away surface stains
5. Removes odor-causing germs on the tongue
6. Massages gums
7. Gentle on the enamel and gums

Put to the Test: It's firm enough, but also soft enough not to hurt my gums when brushing. I feel like the varied mix of bristles and gum massagers get into every nook, cranny and surface at just the right amount of pressure. After every brushing, teeth feels squeaky clean. And when I roll my tongue over my teeth, nothing but smoothness on the surface. And like I said, no plaque, ever! DEFINITELY removes plaque better than any ordinary toothbrush.

Passing the Verdict: A definite buy. When it comes to toothbrushes, Oral-B is and always has been my top pick. Don't scrimp on toothbrushes. It's ultimately better for you and your teeth.

Practical Tip: 9 out of 10 Filipinos suffer from dental caries. We have the second worst rate of decayed, filled and missing teeth in the whole of Asia. Support and help raise awareness about the importance of oral health in the country by following the Smile Pilpinas Campaign of Oral-B. We can start with our own families.

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