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How to Order Your Monogram Slippers from French Sole

monogrammed slippers by French Sole via Pinterest

I've always wanted a pair of embroidered slippers from French Sole. There's something fancy yet boyish about it, which by now you'd know I'm a sucker for. A few weeks ago, I finally made a go for it, and I'm pretty sure many of you have also been wanting to do this.

So, I'm sharing with you the order process, for when you also decide on it! Here goes:

STEP 1: Inquire.

Whenever I am at French Sole, I always find myself looking at this slipper, imagining my initials on it. But at Php19,000 a pair, it cannot be categorized under an impulse buy. I planned on saving the experience for a special occasion.

Knowing how long it takes to get these slippers embroidered, because they are made to order all the way in Spain, and with Mother's Day just a few weeks away, I estimated it was about time for this mother to get it.

So I finally braved asking the Sales Associate about their Monogram Slipper services. I was told it takes about 90 days from order to delivery. Of course, I was already decided, and definitely willing to wait. 

STEP 2: Decide on your size. 

After some discussion on the waiting time and an overview of how to personalize the slippers, I was asked what I size I wore. I told the SA that I wear a 6.5 in French Sole Henriettas.

I was given a pair of 6.5 and 7 to try on. The SA shares that most customers opt to go a half size up. Which is what I did. I went in the morning, when my feet hadn't expanded as much as it would in the afternoon. I figured I'd be better off with a 7, which while roomy, didn't fall of my feet. 

STEP 3: Decide on the color.

This was easy. I wanted black slippers. They also have it in red, and will soon offer these in navy, but I figured, I'd still go for a classic black pair. It's more me.

STEP 4: Decide on the initials for the monogram, color of thread, font style and layout.

This is where it gets complicated. Here are the options:

Font Color: Black, Red and Gold.

Font: Serif and Script.

Layout: Single Serif, Double Serif, Overlap Serif, Single Script, Double Script and Overlap Script.

I decided I wanted my initials "CD" on each pair. I chose the thread in gold double script, so it has a clean, elegant feel. I can imagine it already. It's gonna look fantastic.

STEP 5: Putting it all down in paper.

Just to make sure they get everything right, I filled up this form with my contact details, and ticked out the boxes that summarized the size, initials, font color, font style and layout I wanted. Then I signed off it!

STEP 6: Pay. Then the waiting begins.

This is probably the most difficult part, the waiting! Heehee. I just need to wait for the store staff to call me once the shoes arrive, for me to pick up. 

Note: It is up to you if you want to pay in full price, or pay half upon order and then pay the remaining half when you get the shoes from the store.

My pair should arrive sometime in May, hopefully in time for Mother's Day! I'll show you my shoes once I get them! Exciting!

French Sole Philippines
Bonifacio High Street, Solaire and soon in Greenbelt
Email: customercare@shoemakers.com.ph
Tel: +632 941 7877

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