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Fatty Brain Toys Review!

As promised, I'm highlighting here three of our new finds from Fatty Brain Toys:  Primary Lab Big Science Set, Super Sorting Pie and Gears Gears Gears! On The Move by Learning Resources. 

These toys are proof that learning and fun can go hand in hand together. I usually get distracted when Berry forces (forces talaga haha) me to play with her dolls in a dollhouse, but it was a different experience altogether with these. I am pretty sure you will enjoy spending quality time playing and learning with your little ones with these toys as well.

Primary Science Lab Set

Berry likes making potions using whatever she can get her hands on: my makeup (sadly she has no respect for Tom Ford lipsticks), alcohol, baby oil, water, nail polish, shampoo, conditioner, lotions - nothing is sacred. 

So when Mona Ng of Fatty Brain Toys told me about their Primary Science Lab Set, I knew it was the perfect way to channel Berry's curiosity.

The Lab Set includes a beaker, magnifying glass, funnel, eyedropper, flask, tweezers, safety goggles, 1 large 6" test tube (with lid and stand), 2 small test tubes (with lids and stands), plus 10 Activity Cards.

The tools are perfectly sized for little hands, so they're easy to grasp. For extra safety, unlike the usual lab tools made from glass, these are non-breakable.

For days when we have hours of spare time, I whip out this set so they can do experiments, which is so much better than having them stay inside just watching YouTube videos the entire afternoon. Parents, you know what I mean?

Some of the experiments we've tried from the activity cards: making a Mini Volcano using baking soda and vinegar (this was fun! like the Hi 5 Bubble up volcano), getting old coins to shine using lemon juice (to be honest, it didn't work on our 25 centavo coins, baka better on American pennies talaga) and mixing oil and water (impossible to mix hehe!).

Part of our next batch of experiments this summer will be color mixing (once I buy food colouring from the grocery, I keep on forgetting), a smell test, and if we're brave, collecting bugs we can put in the test tubes. Gasp!

Well, I'm pretty sure Berry can think of more experiments that doesn't involve bugs, once we've exhausted all the experiments on the activity cards.

One thing is for certain, this Primary Lab Set is a winner. Berry feels like a real scientist when she plays with it. Even the boys want to play with it, shaking the fat test tubes with their little hands. Berry and Xavi love saying, "experiment! experiment!" 

It ain't rated 5 stars on Amazon for nothing!

The Primary Science Lab Set is designed for children to discover, explore, and experiment with safe and fun products that encourage an early love of science and help foster the development of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math skills. It is ideal for ages 3 and up.

Super Sorting Pie

To be honest, I can't resist pies. Edible or otherwise. This Super Sorting Pie by Learning Resources looked like a winner, and I knew Xavi would love it as well. Especially since we're learning about colors, shapes and counting these days.

More than just a pie that Berry can use as a prop for her play kitchen,

The small fruit counters and jumbo tweezers encourages our kids to strengthen fine motor skills and develop their pre-writing pincer grasp.  The removal top crust doubles as a bowl to hold the fruit counters.

It also teaches our kids about colors and fruit shapes. The removable divider ensures the fruits don't spill into the other color section.

More importantly, it hones early math skills such as grouping, sorting, patterning, classifying objects, counting, learning greater than and less than, and understanding the relationship between numbers and quantity.

There are three double-sided sorting cards included, that fit in the bottom of the pie and provide visual cues to help our kids identify fruit shapes, colors, and numbers. So apart from sorting by color, they can sort by shape, or count, depending on what we will have them do.

A winner of 3 toy awards, you can't go wrong buying this at all.

I just need to keep the counters away from Tepper because I've caught him trying to pop one into his mouth. Told you, the fruits are irresistible. More so with curious little toddlers.

Includes 60 counters (7 fruits in 5 different colors), plastic pie plate with cover and removable divider, 3 double-sided sorting cards, 2 Jumbo Tweezers, and Activity Guide. Pie measures 8 3/4"D. Ideal for ages 3 and above.

Gears! Gears! Gears! On the Move Building Set

While this is a bit too advanced for Xavi, it is never to early to introduce mechanical engineering concepts to him and Berry with this Gears! Gear! Gears! On the Move Building Set.

I have to warn you though, building the race car, airplane and motorcyle ain't easy. A 6 year old will need your help in putting it together even with the instruction booklet. 

The upside? It makes for great quality time. We had to put our heads together to figure out how to build each vehicle. Definitely made my brain do some  thinking, and taught me about perseverance, problem solving and critical thinking.

Speaking of creativity, there is no wrong way to build actually. The kids are free to design their own vehicle using the gears. We felt a sense of accomplishment seeing all those gears moving together, even with the motorcycle and air plane not yet even fully completed!

So, here's our race car:

And here's our air plane! 

We successfully built the motorcyle too, but I didn't have time to take a photo of the finished product because Xavi was too excited to build his own toy. Heehee.

This set can be used alone or with other Gears! Gears! Gears! sets. Ideal for ages 6 and above. 

Fatty Brain Toys are available at Rustans Alabang, Makati, Shangri-la, Hobbes and Landes Greenbelt, Rockwell, Fort, Trinoma and Shangri-la, Dash Greenbelt, FundamentalsToy Kingdom Megamall, Aura, North Edsa. Mighty Mind is available at Mothercare Fort and Glorietta, National Bookstore Greenhills and Rockwell, and Fully Booked Fort.

This is just but a sampling of the toys we've discovered at Fatty Brain Toys. I still have plenty on my/our wishlist, actually, haha. If you would like to see the complete selection of educational toys from Fatty Brain Toys, please visit their Facebook page, Follow @fattybraintoys on Instagram or contact the following numbers below.

Fatty Brain Toys Inc. 
Tel Nos: +63917 882 0130 / +632 975 8634
Facebook: Fatty Brain Toys and Mighty Mind Kids
Instagram: @fattybraintoys

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