Monday, March 14, 2016

Let's Support the Green Footprints Movement!

Thanks to my Mom who has gone green decades ago, before "going green" was even a thing, I've been conscious about my household's environmental footprint.

We segregate our trash. Yes, even if my husband argues that the garbage guys will mix them all up anyway. I still push for it because at least, that's one household less work for the garbage guys.

I compost. In our tiny garden, I put compostable trash in a receptacle that I cover with soil. Yes, I have worms and all. 

We use reusable bags and corrugated cartons when we pack our groceries and I refuse plastic and paper bags as much as I can. 

When possible, my friends and our kids carpool. That's at least one car off the road. 

I also have no qualms accepting and passing on hand me downs. I always tell my sisters and friends, there's nothing wrong with using pre-loved, ok fine, used items. Hindi kawawa yung kids, because they grow so fast anyway. What's the point in having too many clothes and shoes they can barely use?

Most of the furniture in our home are hand me downs from my Mom. Or we buy furniture from reclaimed wood, or wood that grows fast, like gmelina. 

As much as possible, we use organic or natural based products at home. They tend to be a tad bit pricier, but so much better for the environment. Locally, I go for Zenutrients, Messy Bessy, Cradle,  and Green Mama products. They are not expensive at all.

I also look for energy efficient appliances (check out the Meralco App which tells you how much energy you are consuming per appliance).

I also make sure our air conditioner is set to 25 degrees (except when its super hot, heehee), and we clean the filter monthly. We have professional cleaners service it at least quarterly. We also ensure that lights are switched off, and appliances are unplugged when not in use. Which also translates to cost savings on our electric bill. 

When we build our own home, I'll make it a point to have solar panels, LED lights and use green materials. My parents installed a solar panel in their home, and my dad shares it is a lifesaver during brown outs. At the very least, they still have lights and hot water from their taps. 

And yes, while I may come across as a shopaholic, I am in fact a proponent of thoughtful consumption. My friend Jen one time asked me, "Do you really buy everything you post on Instagram?" and I had to clarify, "Hindi! When I am out and I find something interesting that I want to remember, I take a picture and post it lang on IG." Hahaha.

Admittedly, there was a time when I felt the need to buy, buy, buy. But as I grew older, I realized that I can live with less. Quality over quantity. This applies to everything in life. Always.

The steps I've been taking towards green living are nothing grand or newspaper worthy, but I like to think that my drop in the bucket counts. I feel good doing my share, because I believe that every bit of action makes a difference.

So when leading air conditioning and refrigeration solutions provider Concepcion Industrial Corporation (CIC), through its subsidiary Concepcion-Carrier Air Conditioning Company (CCAC), recently launched The Green Footprints Movement, an advocacy that drives conversation about climate change and encourages us to go green, I threw my full support behind it.

“As the most encompassing environmental issue facing us today, climate change must be everyone’s agenda” said CIC Chief Executive Officer Raul Joseph Concepcion. 

“We want the public to be able to connect their everyday actions and decisions with its environmental impact,” shared Harold Pernikar, Jr., CCAC Director and Head of the Consumer Solutions Group. 

“Our goal is to provide the public with the knowledge of how they can make small, practical changes that will have significant effect on their own footprints, such as the responsible use of electricity and even making more sensible selections when it comes to the products they use in their homes,” said Pernikar. 

With Department of Environment and Natural Resources - Environmental Management Bureau (DENR-EMB) Assistant Director Dr. Eva S. Ocfemia; celebrity host and World Wide Fund (WWF) for Nature - Philippines National Ambassador Marc Nelson; Concepcion Industrial Corporation (CIC) Chief Executive Officer Raul Joseph A. Concepcion, Concepcion Industrial Corporation (CIC) Executive Vice President for Business Development Rafael C. Hechanova, Jr., and Concepcion-Carrier Air Conditioning Company (CCAC) Director and Head of Consumer Solutions Group Harold Pernikar, Jr.

With a long-standing commitment to the environment The Green Footprints Movement is a testament to CIC’s long-standing commitment to the environment, by exercising responsible stewardship - cultivating a culture of sustainability within the company itself, and being mindful of their environmental impact, recycling, monitoring water and waste consumption, and setting goals to reduce their footprint year after year. 

 “Environmental health and safety is and has always been a key core value of CIC, and this is evident in the way we manage our business,” stated Concepcion, who noted how the company has leveraged on technology to create green facilities. 

It was the first Philippine manufacturer to convert its refrigerators to use environment-friendly refrigerants back in 1995, and is once again leading the industry for its air conditioning solutions. “Ninety-six percent of our air conditioning products have already been converted to using environmentally responsive refrigerants, and we expect to make a 100% product conversion within the year,” said Pernikar, who also shared that the switch is being made ahead of the global deadlines set by the Montreal Protocol, which established a timeline for the eventual elimination of ozone-depleting substances.

"With our collective actions, we hand over a better world for the generations to come." said  Mr. Rafael C. Hechanova, Jr., Executive Vice President of Concepcion Industrial Corporation.

World Wide Fund (WWF) for Nature - Philippines National Ambassador Marc Nelson shares that growing up in Australia, where they are close to the equator, and more susceptible to ultraviolet radiation, their level of awareness about ozone depletion has been ingrained early on. This is also  why he is an advocate of green living.

Which is true. When corporations, organizations, individuals, and the government work hand in hand towards sustainable living, we will create a significant impact towards creating a better, safer environment not only for our kids, but also for the generations to come.

Let's do it now. Time may be running out, but there is still time. Let's not waste it. That's a start.

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