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Overtime Protection from Dengue with OFF!

Our household has been held hostage by dengue a total of three times na. In fact, in this photo, I am the only adult here who hasn’t had dengue. 

Dada had it, Ate Lizette had it, and Yaya Eden was our last dengue patient. Dengue is a drag, man.

All three of them exhibited the classic symptoms (for the full list, read the World Health Organization Fact Sheet): 
  • high fever that wouldn’t go away 
  • pain behind the eyes, muscle and joint pains 
  • rashes 

Dada was the first to have it, and was hospitalized for 5 days. It was the most nerve-wracking 5 days of my life, with me having to look after him in the hospital while making sure the kids were ok at home. If only I could split myself because I was worrying double time over him and the kids! 

I felt so helpless and frustrated watching his platelet count go down while watching out for bleeding. Friends had to reassure me that they know someone who had a lower platelet count, just to keep me from worrying. Dengue is not for the faint of heart, especially when it happens for the first time. 

By the time Ate Lizette and Yaya Eden had Fit, we already knew what to expect and was able to handle things from a position of knowledge. While there is no specific cure for dengue, we’ve learned how to manage it. 

  • Constant monitoring of blood platelet count 
  • Drinking lots of liquids, making sure these are not dark liquids like grape juice or coffee because the doctors need to watch out for bleeding 
  • Taking tea from tawa-tawa leaves and tawa-tawa drops from Echo Store 
  • Juicing young papaya leaves, it’s bitter but it supposedly works - Ate Lizette ate a lot of kamote tops, she was told it helps 
  • Lots of rest 
While we are lucky in the sense that the kids have never had dengue (thank God!) because I am really fanatical about having them apply insect repellents. After all, prevention really is so much better than cure! Just imagine the time, worry and money you put in when you get dengue!

I know first hand the stress of having someone in the family have it and that’s why I’ve made it a rule for the entire household, kids and adults alike, to use mosquito repellents, no ifs and buts about it.

I would recommend that you use this:

OFF! Overtime comes in three sizes, 6ml sachet (PHP 7), 50ml (PHP 89), 100ml (PHP 158) 

OFF! Overtime provides 8 hours of protection in repelling dengue carrying mosquitoes. So there’s no need to constantly reapply. The DermaCool formula, feels cool & light on the skin, so there’s no sticky after feel. It’s meant for daily use with a refreshing scent too, and is available at your favorite supermarkets, drugstores, grocery and sari-sari stores. 

That said, I’m giving away OFF! Gift packs and Sodexo GCs to 10 winners, so you can protect your family from that darn dengue too!

Keep the family protected indoors and outdoors with the OFF! Gift pack which includes a bottle each of OFF! Overtime, OFF! Clean Feel, OFF! for Kids, and OFF! Soft & Scented

Simply join via Twitter or Instagram, taking note of the mechanics below.

I’ll choose 10 of the most informative entries to win a gift pack. Simply leave a comment here or on my IG post!

OFF! Blogger Contest Mechanics 

SC Johnson and Son, Inc., (the “organizers of the promotion”) and other official media partners and sponsors' employees are disqualified from joining. 

1. Take a selfie/welfie with your kid/family using any variant of OFF! Insect Repellent Lotion 
2. Post it on Twitter/Instagram and caption what’s your favorite thing about OFF! Insect Repellent Lotion with the hashtags #OFFPeaceOfMind and tag me, @christinedychiao on Instagram and @cd_mfo on Twitter.  
3. Participants may send as many entries as they want

2 weeks from the contest announcement

1. 10 winners will be chosen via electronic raffle
2. Participant may only win once

1. OFF! Insect Repellent Lotion Gift Pack
2. P1,000 worth of Sodexo GC 

UPDATE: Congratulations to the winners of my OFF! Giveaway!

- Liza Parafina
- Muykel Camacho
- Jescilene Llantino
- Dhess Mercadero
- Arra Odeza
- Aileen Barcarse
- Christina Turner
- Kharize Bella
- Denice Reyes
- Nina Villanueva

Claiming of prizes will start October 31, Monday from 9 am to 5 pm only at:

PHD Head Office
10F Ayala Avenue
Makati City Philippines, 1226

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