Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Travel Smart with Smart Travel Wifi

Here's a budget travel tip: Smart Travel Wifi ;)

When you know you're only spending Php390 a day on internet access, you can Instagram, Google Duo, Whatsapp and Viber without the worry of bill shock when you get home, diba.

This is gets all the more sulit if you travel with a group, because you can share the Smart Travel Wifi with up to 5 devices. So what, that's like Php78/day na lang if you're sharing with 4 other travel companions. 

Just make sure you stick to the person keeping the pocket wifi because you won't get Internet stray off too far. On the upside, you know that person is nearby when your signal gets strong. That happened to me when I was traveling with my friend Emily and we were shopping at Marshalls HomeGoods in New York. I thought I had lost her because I took too long browsing the crafts section. So I just decided to fall in line at the cashier. Soon enough, my wifi which had disappeared suddenly popped up again, and I knew she was on her way to meet me in line, heeheehee.

Btw, this is open to both Smart and Non-Smart subscribers. Its for all travelers!

For more about Smart Travel wifi, click HERE!

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