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The Verdict On: Delite Ampalaya Plus Herbal Tea

Growing up, fruits and vegetables were a staple in our meals. We've always loved it except for the dreaded Ampalaya. My mom who has diabetes, would insist that we eat it once in a while because it's good for lowering blood sugar. As a kid, I've always hoped there was a better way to consume it without the bitter taste. A few months back, I was so happy to discover the Ampalaya Plus line of products and shared it with my Mom. 

Recently, I gave my sister Nicole a box of Delite Ampalaya Plus Herbal Tea (from the same makers of Ampalaya Plus Capsules ) to test out and asked her to monitor her blood sugar. 

This is Nicole, she's a real person, and she wrote this review hehe

She doesn't have diabetes or is pre-diabetic, but we are very conscious about monitoring our blood sugar because diabetes runs in the family. Here is Nicole's verdict, as written by her: 

The Product: Delite Herbal Tea Ampalaya Plus 

Product Information: Contains...

- Momordica charantia (Ampalaya) leaves and fruits

- Citrus microcarpa (Kalamansi) juice

- Camellia sinensis (Green Tea) 

- Curcuma Longa (Luyang Dilaw) rhizomes

- Lagertroemia speciosa (Banaba) leaves 

The Promise: 
 The product doesn't have any therapeutic claims. Common knowledge suggests that herbal teas have a multitude of health benefits. Collectively, Ampalaya, Turmeric, and Banaba are best known for being an antioxidant that lowers blood sugar and cholesterol levels, and reduces swelling and pain in the body. It is FDA registered as a Herbal Tea under the Food Category. FDA's position on Herbal Tea is that it is not recommended for pregnant women. 

Put to the Test: 
 For this particular test, we just wanted to know if it can lower blood sugar or if the health benefits being experienced or reported are just really placebo. For 1 week, I drank Delite tea with breakfast. Due to limited lancet needles and strips available, (and mostly because I refuse to prick my finger everyday) I only took my blood test twice which was on the initial and last day of the one week test. 

On day 1, I took an initial blood test 2 hours after having breakfast without Delite. On day 7 I took a final blood test 2 hours after having breakfast with Delite for 6 days straight. 

Day 1 - Peanut Butter and Raspberry Jelly sandwich without Delite 
Day 2 - Just Delite 
Day 3 - Chocolate bread slice with Delite 
Day 4 - Cucumber shake and Dragonfruit with Delite 
Day 5 - Estrelles caramel cake with Delite 
Day 6 - Rice with daing, seaweed, salted egg end tomatoes with Delite
Day 7 - Dragonfruit with Yakult and 2 cups of Delite (I took two cups because I ate 4 donuts yesterday and pasta) 

Passing the Verdict: 

Day 1: 104

Day 7: 69 

Quite shocked at the Day 7 level. One sachet is enough. 

I would still have preferred eating the real thing, which is fresh Ampalaya, Banaba, or Luya boiled in water, but this alternative has my seal of approval.

Limitations of the experiment: Variables such as diet and exercise varied daily. 

Practical Tip: The taste is slightly bitter but quite delicious. Enhance the Kalamansi flavor, by squeezing one real Kalamansi into your hot or cold tea. Next to water, Delite has zero calories and has no sugar added, no artificial color or flavor, and may be taken hot or cold. It is probably one of the healthiest health drinks available in the market. 

Disclaimer: It is important to note that Delite tea should not be considered a stand alone treatment for any ailments. A balanced meal rich in fiber and low in fat, coupled with exercise is still the best way to prevent Diabetes. 

Price: Php20 x 1 sachet, Net Weight/sachet:25g 

Point of Sale: Available at Mercury, Watsons, TGP, South Star, Rose Pharmacy and all leading drugstores nationwide. Available online via Lazada and for those abroad, through the Ampalaya Plus website.

Promotion: Special Lazada offer buy any of our product and get 1 free Delite Herbal Tea. (Good while offer lasts) 

-Buy 1 box of Ampalaya Plus and get 1 box free of Delite Herbal Tea. 
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