Friday, January 27, 2017

Healthy Mango Banana Smoothie with Dutch Mill Delight

We love smoothies and shakes at home. It’s a hands down refreshing way to take in fruits and vegetables, and we love that we can add a host of delicious and nutritious ingredients like yogurt, almond milk, chia seeds, whey protein, flaxseed, peanut butter or honey to change the texture, boost the flavor or add variety to our usual smoothie recipes. 

A new discovery to our smoothie line-up of boosts is a tasty Probiotic: Dutch Mill Delight

From the same makers of my kids’ favorite Yoghurt Drink, Delight is a Probiotic drink that contains the duo active combination of Pro and Prebiotic fiber.

In addition to Probiotics, which are good bacteria that aid in digestion, Prebiotic fiber is a plant-based fiber that helps nourish good bacteria inside the tummy. When Probiotic and Prebiotic are combined, it produces longer living good bacteria (in other words, good bacteria will not die that easily in the tummy's harsh conditions!) which makes digestion better and absorbs nutrients faster.

It’s made with non-fat milk too, so it’s definitely guilt-free as well.

A Delicious Way to Enjoy Probiotics

I’ve always believed in taking Probiotics. Whether in capsule form, as a milk drink or as medicine in the event that somebody in the family suffers from diarrhea, Probiotics have become a staple in our everyday diet.

But it was only recently that it occurred to me to include Probiotics in our smoothies.

I’m sharing with you the first recipe I’ve come up with using Dutch Mill Delight, and it’s such a tasty addition, I should have thought of this sooner! One thing’s for sure, I’m coming up with more fruit combinations to add this to. I’m thinking an Orange Julius type of drink is next. But first up, Mango Banana! The fruits are readily available, in stores year round, not expensive, and loved by everyone in our household, it’s a guaranteed hit.

Delight-ful Mango Banana Smoothie


- 1 mango, with cheeks sliced, cut up and frozen
- 1 banana, sliced and frozen
- 1 cup of ice
- 1 100 ml bottle of Dutch Mill Delight


1. Pour Dutch Mill Delight into a blender and use it as the liquid base

2. Add the cut-up frozen fruits and blend.

I like freezing fruits beforehand because it lessens the need for ice, and it turns out into this delicious, chilly treat which is best enjoyed during hot, scorching days. 

3. Add some ice, and blend until smooth.

4. Enjoy!

I made Tepper try before I finished off my smoothie with bibingka and it was so refreshing, I was so happy with my merienda 

Dutch Mill Delight comes in 100ml bottles, with 5 bottles per pack at P40.00

It is available in major supermarkets in the Philippines and may be bought through their Delight ladies in Rizal, Manila, Taguig, and Quezon City.

For more about Dutch Mill Delight, visit Dutch Mill Delight PH on Facebook and follow @dutchmilldelight_ph on Instagram.

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