Thursday, January 26, 2017

MFO and Xavi’s Verdict On: Alaska Powdered Milk

I grew up drinking powdered milk, but my kids drink fresh cow’s milk from a carton, and have never really tried powdered milk ever. I thought it would be fun to have my son Xavi give it a try, like a taste experiment! 

How would he find it? Would he like it? Would he drink it again? Will he have a preference for powdered over fresh, or vise versa? Read on and watch what he has to say. 

The Product: Alaska Powdered Milk with Lakas Nutribuilders

The Promise: Alaska Powdered Milk Drink has 20 Essential Nutrients for growth, energy and mental alertness. Just what our children need to grow up healthy and happy.

Put to the Test: Watch the video here!

Passing the Verdict: If my kids liked it, so will yours! The general consensus seems to be that kids enjoy the delicious milky goodness of Alaska Powdered Milk. Watch and see!

Practical Tip: We all grew up knowing that drinking milk is good for us, because it has calcium to help kids grow taller and protein to make them stronger. But there’s more to milk than just that. Here’s some fun facts we can share with them to get them to gulp down their milk with no struggle.

- Milk helps them play longer by building strength, energy, and metabolism
Alaska contains protein that develops and grows the muscles they need to run, jump and play, as well as carbohydrates so they have the energy to go on all day. The best part is, drinking milk after a day of active play is a nutritious way to rehydrate.

- Learning is fun with better memory and learning abilities 
Because of the Choline and Magnesium in Alaska, their brain development and memory will get a boost. Plus, with improved eyesight they’ll get from Vitamin A, they’ll stay alert, and won’t miss every opportunity to learn.

- Playtime becomes more fun with strong bones 
Broken bones and toothaches are no fun! Strong bones are needed for active play that they enjoy, and Alaska is a great source of Calcium, Vitamin D, and Phosphorous, which improves bone strength and density. At the same time, it can help protect their teeth between brushing, reducing the risk of tooth decay and weak gums caused by bacterial acids.

- Never miss a day of school with a strong immune system 

Avoid missing out on days of play and learning. Alaska powdered milk includes zinc for producing antibodies that fight infection and boost the body’s natural defenses.


• Alaska Instant Powdered Milk Drink (Pouch) 33g
• Alaska Instant Powdered Milk Drink (Pouch) 80g
• Alaska Instant Powdered Milk Drink (Pouch) 300g
• Alaska Instant Powdered Milk Drink (Pouch) 900g

• Alaska Instant Powdered Milk Drink (Box) 150g
• Alaska Instant Powdered Milk Drink (Box) 450g
• Alaska Instant Powdered Milk Drink (Box) 700g

• Alaska Instant Powdered Milk Drink (Tin) 1000g
• Alaska Instant Powdered Milk Drink (Tin) 1800g

Points of Sale: Alaska Powdered Milk is available at leading supermarkets, groceries and sari-sari stores nationwide

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