Thursday, August 31, 2017

Let's Make Paperless Post Happen Here

I recently got a Save the Date card for my US based cousin's wedding via Paperless Post recently and it was such a pleasant surprise. It's been ages since I've gotten one this way, ever since we moved back to Asia actually.

Which got me thinking, we really ought to make Paperless Post happen here because not only does it save us on time, paper, gas and money (effectively lessening our carbon footprint, hello), it's great for the host's sanity too. Guests can RSVP by email, and can leave notes for you, so you can track attendance in one place.

Case in point, every time we have an event, that one additional thing that always adds to the pressure of mounting one is sending out paper invites. Going back and forth on the designs and negotiating costs and deadlines with the printer are also not exactly my favorite tasks. Additional handwringing happens when we have to send everything out after, and we need to block out our driver's schedule, or spend on courier fees, just to make sure the invites are sent out on time.

There was actually one time I was tempted to start sending out Paperless Post invites to our guests.

What stopped me was the fact that I'm just not sure how it will be received here in The Philippines. While we've been using it for years in the US - for birthdays, holidays, weddings, baby showers and other occasions, I have yet to receive a Paperless Post invite from someone here.

Check out the invites I've made on Paperless Post, first was this Save the Date card for Berry's first birthday (obviously I was a newbie here and wasn't experimental with the designs yet)...

...and an invite for our send off party in the US

But it is just so easy you know. We can literally make invites and send them out in minutes.

Plus points - card designs by Kate Spade and Rifle Paper Co. These alone makes a whole lot of sense to send out invites this way.

 Kate Spade invites in the designer's signature polka dots, colorful prints and clever quips

Rifle Paper Co's distinctive hand painted botanicals

I swear, this is life changing stuff. And if you're thinking you'd rather go old school, well you can print these invites out still ;)

Know what, since I'm in the subject of parties, I might as well share with you these DIY tips for planning a party without an event planner, which I wrote some years back and can still read HERE.

Of course, let's not forget my most favorite part. Next to planning out the details, the guest list, the food and the decor is dressing up for it! It's been a while since I've written a post on fashion actually, so I thought it would be a welcome bonus to share some contemporary ideas on what to wear to parties, because I get a lot of that from family, friends and readers. Here goes!

Dressy daytime event, say a baptism or morning wedding:

Roksanda at net-a-porter. A sight for sleepy eyes forced to wake up early for that morning event on a weekend.

A family gathering or children's party:

 Jesse Kamm sailor pants as seen on Shop One of a Few. You can seriously run after kids in these, and if you get spaghetti stains on them, just throw it in the wash and they'll come out good as new.

Beach or poolside barbecue:

 Vyshyvanka by Vitakin from Matches Fashion. Get a budget friendly version from Zara, if you worry about ruining a $1000 dress with barbecue sauce and chlorinated water.

A baby shower:

Head to toe Rachel Comey as seen on Vogue. It says I dress for comfort but I care about looking stylish too.


Valentino at net-a-porter. It's really all about the silhouette that makes this dress blend in, and yet also stand out.

A casual dinner at home with friends:

Pink zip jumpsuit as seen on Horses Atelier - but wear with sneakers or slip on mules.

A wedding or evening fete:

Self-Portrait lace dress as seen on net-a-porter. I'm actually planning to wear something similar to my cousin's wedding!

Well that was fun! And we haven't even had that party planned yet!

*This post is published in cooperation with Paperless Post, an online invitations and cards site I've been using since 2010.

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