Friday, September 01, 2017

Nespresso Now in the Philippines

Yes it's true. Gone are the days when we have to allocate precious luggage space for the machines and pods because family and friends have asked us to buy for them, or requested for it as pasalubong. 

I don't know though if this will lessen the allure for Titas and Lolas who like stashing unused pods from the hotel Nespresso machine and bringing them home, heehee.

Because Nespresso really is finally here.

What better way to welcome Nespresso than with a Coconut laced coffee drink care of Chef Sunshine Puey

One fine afternoon, I had the pleasure of meeting the Nespresso Philippines Team led by Patrick Pesengco. Together with Ms. Lai Ching Kok, Nespresso Regional Head of B2C Asia, who joined us for coffee, sandwiches and sweet treats, Pat explained that while Nespresso B2B (Business to Business) was already up and running, they had to prepare and set-up the right infrastructure for a seamless B2C (Business to Consumer) experience.

I am happy to share that it is definitely worth the wait. Here's why:

1) While the first Nespresso Boutique in the country is set to open in December (which should be as fun as going to the one in Ion Orchard in Singapore or Champs Elysess in Paris), we can already start buying the machines and pods at Rustan's Makati, Rustan's Shangri-la and Abenson's BGC.

2) Because we are dealing with machines here, they've set-up a Customer Hotline where Nespresso Coffee Specialists can offer consultation and receive orders

3) Wherever you are in the country, you can get your Nespresso fix, because we can all now order online at

Customers who register their information online automatically become Nespresso Club Members, allowing them exclusive perks and privileges. One such perk? Nespresso Club Members are provided a temporary machine when they have their machines serviced so they don't have to go crazy missing out on their morning coffee.

I registered to become a Nespresso Club Member on the spot, it only takes a few minutes

If you are wondering about price points, prices for pods range from Php31 to Php36 and machines cost anywhere from Php6,500 for the entry level Essenza to Php26,300 for the Lattissima Touch.

Currently, the Nespresso website carries 9 machines.

24 kinds of capsules.

And 11 accessories covering cups and glassware, milk frothers and descaling kits.

I know disposable coffee pods can be a hot topic, and if you are concerned about sustainability, Ms. Lai Ching Kok shares that because the pods are made from aluminum, these are recyclable. Just peel of the foil, take out the coffee grounds and use it for compost, wash the emptied pods and set aside to be sent to a recycling facility. My friend Kat Holigores shares that her aunt sends their used Nespresso pods to a local organization to be repurposed. Patrick also shares they are currently working on finding partners so these pods can be recycled more efficiently.

For more about Nespresso in the Philippines, visit For more about Nespresso's commitment to sustainability, visit

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