Monday, September 11, 2017

MFO Gift Guide: Aloore

Let's say you have a Php500 max budget for holiday gifting and you don't want to give the same old candles, box of brownies, and last year's flavor of the year - salted egg potato chips. What do you get this time?

Something different that your people have never gotten before, of course.

Aloore by Mrs. Minkle's is made in the spirit of Aesop's Post-Poo Drops, meant to be neutralize smells post number-two. But instead of being packaged in a bottle with a dropper, it comes in a spray bottle, so you can use it as an air freshener as well as to sanitize seats.

It's way cheaper too. Php295 to Aesop's $29.

Apart from the pocket-friendly price, here's another feel good factor. When you buy Aloore, you support a homegrown brand.

Plus points - Aloore Loo Sprays are developed by a Grasse educated perfumer who trained with the nose of Hermes scents. Inspired by fresh, crisp citrus and floral smells (the Lavender & Jasmine variant like mine, was inspired by the perfumer's year long stay in Provence specifically), the scents really are a deviation from grocery store air fresheners.

Once you discover the allure of Aloore, you'll never look at aerosol spray fresheners and scented gels ever again.

Aloore is available locally at Lanai Manila, and For more about Aloore, Like Mrs Minkles on Facebook and follow @mrs_minkle on Instagram.

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