Thursday, September 14, 2017

MFO Gift Guide: One Earth Organics

If I told you that you can give yourself or a loved one the gift of light and smooth underarms and it's no joke, you better believe it. Because we are talking about the highway out of armpit hell.

I met Tyff Short and her partners Ria Olonan and Cha Diaz a few weeks back and loved the story of how they started.

Ria, myself, Cha and Tyff

It all began many years back when Tyff had gotten so self-conscious about her underarms that she couldn't even raise her arms. She had tried all the commercially available products in grocery store shelves but nothing worked for her.

So she developed her a line of underarm products with the help of friends, a natural deodorant, whitening cream and underarm moisturizer which over a course of time, finally solved her underarm darkness, chicken skin and sweatiness. She realized she was on to something and decided to invest her son's tuition fee, the only money she had saved in the bank, to fund her business venture.

She started selling them in bazaars where it quickly gained a cult-following and that was the beginning of One Earth Organics, a homegrown line of FDA-approved organic and plant-based beauty products. 

Apart from the best selling Antibac Whitening Deo Spray, One Earth Organics also makes plant-based moisturizers, body scrubs and masks

Her initial foray into underarm products simply spread by word-of-mouth because it has helped a lot of women, especially young girls undergoing puberty to no longer worry about or be ashamed of their underarm issues. 

She has since branched out to acne and whitening products as well as soaps and oil serums.

Clarifying, Restorative, Milk and Facial soaps by One Earth Organics

This Rosehip Oil Serum is meant to repair and rejuvenate the skin

The scents are pleasant and the moisturizers don't leave a greasy afterfeel

The full line of One Earth Organics products are now available at select Beauty Bar stores such as Shangri-la Plaza, Rockwell Power Plant, Century City Mall, Glorietta, Central Square in BGC, Robinsons Magnolia and Midtown, Lucky Chinatown Mall and Ayala Cebu.

  and online at as well as

P.S. I have been using One Earth Organics Antibac Whitening Deo Spray since I discovered it in August and I would definitely continue to buy it from hereon. I'm trying out the Miracle Light Advanced Whitening Serum for the brown spots on my face (I refuse to call it age spots haha) and have yet to see results but will be happy to share about it once I can vouch for it.

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