Friday, July 20, 2007

Nude is Good

I've always been an advocate of nude heels. Because it really is as versatile as a black pair of pumps.

I'd buy it in all shapes and sizes if I could. Check out these Louboutin babies from net-a-porter. Droolicious!

See how nude looks so darn good!!!

To achieve that nude look, the trick here is to match your shoe against your skin tone! The lighter you are, the paler your shoes should be. Yeah, its kind of like picking out your foundation! But this time, in a shoe store! What bliss! Hahaha!

(Photos courtesy of net-a-porter and


Conchita said...

hey girl! have you been to the charles and keith store at serendra? theres a nice round toe wedge heels in nude there i'm dying to own!

cd_mfo said...

Not yet! But go for it! Get it na! I'm sure you won't regret it! ;-)

raissa said...

i want nude shoes too =) it looks really good with petites like us coz I think it adds length LOL. Okay after my search for the tan shoes that I now have next in the list is nude ones LOL

Fendi said...

I go for the Pastel side of clothing.
Always love lighter ones. ;)

Anonymous said...

hey! maybe this isn't your thing, but can you suggest creative poses from grad pic? =)

cd_mfo said...

Let the hunt begin raissa! Heehee!

Hi Fendi! Yes, lighter is definitely better, especially for summer!

Sure ange! Hmmm, apart from the obvious like dressing up like your favorite character, i'm sure there's plenty more ideas out there. I'll think of something fun and get back to you!!! =)

Anonymous said...

I definitely agree... nude makes the legs look longer!

Anonymous said...

hi CD

yup,this nude heels are really outstanding,if we go with lighter color then it may be marvlous i think so.

Anonymous said...

thanks CD! i'll be waiting for your ideas then cramming to prepare. haha

sorry for the typo in the previous comment. i meant *for* grad pic, not from. :)

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