Thursday, February 26, 2009

Summer Specials Part I: Gisele Bündchen Seeds Collection for Ipanema

I have been wearing boots and closed shoes since October, I can't wait to bust out my sandals and flip flops. On the upside, wearing socks and shoes have re-moisturized my feet, so no more rough and cracking heels (no thanks to wearing sandals and flip flops for years in Manila!) for me! My feet are as soft as a baby's bottom now, heehee!

But still, I can't wait for summer. As much as dressing up for winter is fun, it can be such a chore when you have to do it every single day you know? It takes me forever to get dressed too, Dear Hubby cannot understand why I need over an hour to prepare. See, I need to shower, moisturize, let the lotions and creams penetrate my skin, then put on my tights, leggings/pants, tank top, long sleeved shirt, cardigan or sweater, then my winter coat, gloves, hat, and finally zip up or slip into my boots. Sigh. A chore I tell you.

That's why I miss dressing for tropical weather. Just put on a dress and slip into flip flops/sandals and that's it. I'm done. Plus sandals and flip flops don't cost as much as boots, I can buy so many pairs in different styles and colors. Hahaha! I actually thought I have had enough with flip flops and sandals, because I just have so many. But now I think I can spare a few more, what with Gisele Bündchen's latest line of flip flops called GB Seeds for Ipanema out now.

This particular one worn by Gisele has got to be my favorite! So dainty!

I was invited to attend the Blogger's Event for the unveiling of the collection, but since I am still here in the freezing East Coast, I asked my sister Dianne to go on my behalf and check it out for me. And did she have fun! She said dancers from the Philippine Ballet Theater were dancing in their slippers and it made her wish she continued with her ballet lessons, hahaha! I guess, that goes to show these slippers by Gisele really are something else, they're strong and comfortable enough for serious dancing huh?

Not to mention, these slippers are pretty too! Check out the table centerpieces during the event...

If comfy and pretty are not enough of a come on, Ipanema flip flops are environment friendly too, as they are made from recycled materials and supplies such as industrial and paiting residues and surplus PVC. The folks behind Ipanema flip flops are so eco-conscious in fact, that when you buy a pair of their flip flops, they will donate a portion of the proceeds to Haribon Foundation's Road to 2020 - a project to plant and grow native trees in our local rain forests by 2020. If you are fit and up to it, you can also participate in the Walk The Green Mile Walkathon where you can score freebies and get a chance to win prizes like a pair of personally signed Gisele Bündchen flip flops, a baller ID or a Walk the Green Mile t-shirt. If luck fails you, you can at least purchase Gisele Bündchen flip flops at 10% off at the Ipanema booth on the day of the Walkathon! The event will be on March 21, 2008 and meeting point is at the parking lot of Le Souffle at The Fort. Registration starts at 3 PM and the Walkathon starts at 5 PM.

In the meantime, check out these babies you might just win for yourself! Or hey, just buy a pair or two anyway and consider it a charitable donation! Note the forest-inspired print on its soles and the metal spiral button gracing the front sandal strap that symbolizes “the seed of life.” Just gorgeous!

New Thong Fem

Plataforma Fem

Sand Fem

Thong Fem

Thong Strap Ad

Ipanema is exclusively distributed in the country by ELRO Commercial and Industrial Corporation. Ipanema GB Seeds Collection for women are available in SM Department Store, Shoe Salon, Chocolate Clothing Company, Red Alert, Landmark, Freeway, Planet Sports, Crossings, Brent and Chloe in Pampanga, Stand and Stride in Cabanatuan, Chimes Davao, 25th Avenue Square Naga, Basix Bacolod and for other boutiques nationwide, kindly check the complete list at


Lisa said...

I don't usually like flip flops but I'm surprised by how appealing these are! I wonder if I can find them in Canada...

BTW your husband shouldn't give you such a hard time about your morning routine! That's how long it takes me to get ready if I have to dry my hair and put on makeup.

Soapaholic said...

Before reading this post, I didn't know Ipanema flipflops were eco-friendly. I'm glad I read this because I'm a bit of an environmentalist and now I'll be sure to get my next pair of flipflops from Ipanema.:) Thanks.:)

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