Thursday, March 04, 2010

Current/Elliott Strikes Again!

Not only is Current/Elliott collaborating with Marni, they have this jumpsuit that I am totally in love with!

I got so hooked on their boyfriend jeans I have three sizes to run the gamut of slouchiness and style I want to achieve. Size 23 which fits just right, 24 because I had to have it hanging in the super loved destroyed style, and 25 which I wore the whole 9 yards of my pregnancy (and is so loose it really looks like I borrowed it from my boyfriend for life - Dear Hubby!) Plus, I have the denim shorts as well which I hope to live in this entire summer. I just have to say, I love love love Current/Elliots, and now I have one more to add to my darn wishlist of 20,000 things.

Available at!


marian said...

i like their jeans too!

Joni Andrea said...

Ooh yea I love Current/Elliot. They have such comfy jeans. This reminded me that I should wear jeans more often haha. :)

cd_mfo said...

Yeah marian! They're the best! =)

Meanwhile, I practically live in jeans these days Joni! Haha!

angela said...

cute jumpsuit. i think saw one from acne that's quite similar. btw, i love the old navy drop-waist dress you posted :)

angela said...

oooops...i think cheap monday yung jumpsuit not acne :)

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