Monday, January 03, 2011

Blogger Beware

I was just chatting with a friend who was in marketing in Manila and I was surprised and at the same time shocked at how blogging has turned into such a business back home. She told me some bloggers are now being paid to attend events and write about them.

Now, there's nothing wrong from earning from a hobby, but I think there ought to be some sort of blogging ethics not just for bloggers, but also for the companies who work with bloggers. I think ads on blogs are ok. Those "pay per link" programs are tacky and off-putting (like "life insurance" and "plumbing solutions" in blogs, hahaha), but they're pretty legit. But, I don't think big companies should pay bloggers to attend events and write blog posts about the products they launched.

Sure, invite bloggers to events and give them a loot bag, it's good mileage for  new products and fun for bloggers to be in on what's new. But I honestly feel there is no need to throw money at them. It's just against the essence of blogging in my opinion. People read blogs because we are not (well in my case) paid to write about them. We write about stuff we personally like, people that interest us, new products or services that we perceive to be of value to our readers.

The reason why people read blogs is because of its "man on the street" appeal. Here's a regular person, she bought or came across this product, this is what she thinks. I mean seriously, if your product is good/fabulous/excellent, bloggers will write about it. On the flip side, if you have a lousy lemon, then expect to get an earful as well. Bottom line, you don't need to and should NOT pay to get a mention, capisce? Honestly, people are smart. They will see through a blogger who is paid to write. Eventually, that person will lose credibility along with your products. Hopefully, that blogger does not bring down the blogging community along with him/her.

Not all bloggers are in blogging for the freebies. A lot of us started blogging before all these  "perks" came along. We blogged then because we love what we do, and we still blog even if it still is a hobby and not a source of income or recognition or what not. I really think there should be an education for all those into blogging as to what it is and what it ought to be. My friend admits that some agencies still do not know how to approach blogging. I suppose, they just did a "Borat" and threw cash at them hoping that would take care of itself. Personally, I think that's corrupting the blogging system.

Some time back, I was chatting with Gary Mercado of and he did mention how he did not approve of some local blogging practices. I did not realize then how bad it was and now I understand. He wrote an informative post on blogging HERE.

I may be a purist, you may even call me downright naive, but what I am sure of is, I have and never will take you for a ride. Mag-shopping na lang tayo!


Anonymous said...

Amen! I so agree with you. I've also been blogging for more than 5 years now and I couldn't bring myself into promoting my blog to get freebies or money out of it. A LOT of "bloggers" here in the Philippines do that and I feel bad about it. Blogging used to be an online diary and I read blogs because I'm chismosa. Lol. I like knowing what other people do and I especially like different writing styles. :-)

cd_mfo said...

Thanks pink-chocolatte! LOL at "I read blogs because I'm chismosa." too funny! I am too! Heehee! :)

excSHOESme said...

"Not all bloggers are in blogging for the freebies." ---- sadly some are even mayabang pa. "Im a blogger. How come I dont get invites from you?" -- saaay wuuut?!

cd_mfo said...

Yikes! Wow Golda! That's a "say wuuut" moment talaga!

Maye of said...

You can't blame them din naman. May iba talaga na malakas rumaket dahil sa blogging.

Minsan nga nakakasawa na mag basa ng mga blogs dahil lahat sila pare-pareho ang laman. -_-

Styles I Love said...

Agree! Remember when I started blogging and told you that I did it because men's style is my true passion? Nothing's changed. That's why I continue to take pictures of stuff I like in stores that don't allow me to. Haha!

cd_mfo said...

That's true Maye, sad but true. I noticed that too about a lot of local blogs, they all post the same stuff, or dress the same. whatever happened to personal style.

Hahaha! Yes keep the passion alive Bobby! That's what makes your blog special!

trina said...

i remember coming across a blog and the blogger said she was paid to write the article. i think there should be a disclosure if they are paid. at the least, you know it's not a personal endorsement... hehe


Mom-Friday said...

"People read blogs because we are not (well in my case) paid to write about them. We write about stuff we personally like, people that interest us, new products or services that we perceive to be of value to our readers."
You read my mind! I was just thinking about this today and Gary sent me this link. I fell into a trap once, never again. Bloggers and agencies all need to be educated, the Phl. blogosphere badly needs an Ethics and Regulation board.


right! :] i was once jealous with *this* bloggers who gets freebies and free invites and all. but then i have changed my mind after reading's blog :]] i am enlightened.

Anonymous said...

i second thrifty fashionista, i was once jealous, but when i realized that they just go to events because of the freebies, i suddenly became worried how the blogging world is turning out to be.
i do paid tasks but i don't accept deals from the products i don't like. sometimes i promote products/service not because I got paid for it, but because I want to share it.

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