Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Vancouver 2011: Meeting New Friends

I have been reading Kaye's blog for a few years now. 

I stumbled upon her blog, Such Fun Things, when she left a comment on one of my posts (I think she was telling me about F-Troupe oxfords, yes, that's it!), and I just found myself hooked on her pretty photos and accounts of life in beautiful BC. Her food posts - both on dining out and her kitchen escapades make me yearn for Vancouver. I am convinced Richmond & Vancouver have the best dishes, and yes, dimsum in the world hands down (Ok, toe to toe, no shoulder to shoulder with Hongkong perhaps). The taste of food there is just so pure, clean and fresh, unparallelled elsewhere.

Her shopping escapades are always a fun read - one time I found myself on a relentless hunt for a Virginia Johnson shawl, after she posted hers on her blog. But I gave up the hunt when I couldn't find one on sale, heeheehee (yes, I try not to pay retail if I can help it. Virginia, I am still waiting to pounce on one of your shawls, when I find one at a discount).

When Kaye found out our little family was going on holiday in Vancouver, she sent me an email saying, "Let's meet up!" Of course, I happily said,  "Yes! Let's!". So one fine day, Kaye brought along Florence, who has also been reading MFO for a while now, and our happy foursome finally met. They also finally admitted it was really Berry they wanted to meet! LOL!

We had dimsum at Shanghai River in Richmond, and while feasting on duck sandwiches and dumplings, they brought out a huge bag of Joe Fresh goodies! It was like a whole new wardrobe for Berry filled with pants, skirts, tops, even a coat! Berry was so excited she took off her sweater and wore some of the pieces right there and then at the restaurant!

She bonded immediately with Kaye & Florence, same shopping wavelength I think! Hahaha!

After lunch, we passed through The Bay. Kaye & Florence pointed out Rachel Rachel Roy to me. I haven't really seen this collection any where else since I didn't really go inside Macy's when we were in the US. I was blown away! Rachel Roy makes such pretty dresses at good prices! The prints were so adorable too! Very pleasant and wearable. I learn new things each day!

Berry & I surrounded by pieces from Rachel Rachel Roy at The Bay...

We then went on to Richmond Centre's Food Court for Starbucks Coffee and kwentuhan. We could have chatted on and on for hours, if only we didn't have stuff to do after. It really felt like we've known each other for years now. Which is true in a virtual sense. The bond has always been there, it really was just sealed by us meeting =)

Before we headed off, Kaye wanted a photo with Berry (she's wearing the Virginia Johnson shawl I was telling you about!)

And even if Florence was too shy to be in front of the camera, we convinced her to join us for a photo for posterity!

We have already plotted our next itinerary when we go back for another visit - it involves fruit picking, trying out restaurants, tea at Granville Public Market, and shopping expeditions! So happy to find kindred souls in BC. It was our pleasure meeting you, Kaye & Florence! Thanks for these fun photos too!


Our latest trip to Vancouver also allowed me to reconnect with old friends from high school: Hi Gracci (of The Stylish Tot) & B-Anne! 

Berry & I also met Cherie, who sent me an email years ago asking about Hunter boots! She approached us at Muy Garden, because she said she recognized Berry! How fun is that! 

It used to be that Vancouver was mostly a family thing, but with more friends in town, I foresee the following visits will open up to new adventures! Can't wait for our next trip!


kaye i. said...

Awww, Tin, thanks for the nice words... naiiyak naman ako. Hahahahah. But no seriously, thank you very much :) It's my pleasure meeeting you!

Florence and I always say and kind of hope maybe one day you and your hubby will get a chance to reside here, even if it's just temporary 'coz that would be so totally awesome! Imagine all the fun things and activities we could do! ;)

cd_mfo said...

Hahahaha! We really had fun with you & Florence! And! We can always take longer vacations, like during summer breaks! Diba! =)

Anonymous said...


please enlighten us on the size of your celine luggage tote. Is that small or micro or nano? Im getting really confused with the sizes of the totes and am eyeing one in the same size as yours

thanks thanks

cd_mfo said...

Hi MM! My luggage is the Mini. Celine luggage sizes are:

medium: 38 x 40 cm
shoulder: 37 x 30 cm
small: 34 x 31 x 18 cm (discontinued)
mini: 30 x 30 x 17 cm
micro: 26 x 26 cm
nano: 20 x 20 cm

Hope this helps! =)

Dimensions from The Purse Forum & Bagaholicboy

Anonymous said...

ay sorry MFO...i didnt check the other posts..the question regarding the celine luggage tote sizes were answered already. Please disregard my latest comment. sorry! :) thank you for helping us with the sizes...helps very much when trying to order the bag. thanks thanks thanks

A Loopy Life said...

Shanghai River! I miss their food. :( In fact, I miss all Richmond/Vancouver food. Did you get a chance to try New York Fries? And I love those shoes/wedges that Kaye is wearing (light blue ones?). Plus, you and Gracci were classmates? She was my wedding photographer!

cd_mfo said...

It's ok MM! =)

Hi Karen! Same here, I think Vancouver/Richmond has spoiled me. The food there just tastes so much better! Even Singaporean food there is better than food here, hahaha. I haven't tried New York Fries, but I have seen that in Richmond Centre I think. Will go there next time. Kaye says she got her shoes at the Aldo outlet store in Vancouver. And yes, Gracci is an old friend from HS. What a small world! =)

TwistedHalo said...

I love your bag Tin!

MaribenChristine said...

Hi tin. I have been trying to find out where I can buy the mini luggage online but I haven't had any luck. Is it okay if I ask where you got urs? :) Its's such a pretty bag and I've been losing sleep over it! The Celine where we are is all out and the wait list is long. Thanks very much!

cd_mfo said...

Thanks TwistedHalo! :)

Hi Mariben! I bought mine here in Singapore, at Celine in Ngee Annn City. Currently sold out, but they will have new styles for next season :)

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