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Hong Kong, January 2014: Day 2 IFC, Pacific Place & Tai Hang

After spending our morning at Horizon Plaza in Ap Lei Chau, we went to Citygate Outlets too. If you are into sneakers and athletic wear, or you are the type to wear Gieves & Hawkes, Aquascutum, Brooks Brothers and such, you will love Citygate.

While bargain hunting at outlet destinations are fun, a trip to Hong Kong is never complete without going to IFC and Pacific Place. The same can be said of COS too actually, ahihihi.

When we were there, most of the stuff at COS were still for Fall/Winter though, so I miraculously left empty handed. I suppose another trip sometime April/May is due.

I really wanted to go to IFC  because supposedly, Lane Crawford stocks the eyeglass frames I've been meaning to buy for Berry. While the store was abuzz with shoppers ogling and trying on their fantastic assortment of shoes, bags and accessories, I was told the kids section in Lane Crawford IFC is nada! Like, it used to be there, but is now long gone. Ugh.

But of course, I was just happy browsing the shops. From outside. My conscience was with me. As in a living, breathing conscience, aka Dada. Haha.

I want that divine white dress from Chloe. Its perfect with those blush chunky heeled pumps right below it

Only because my friend Kaye asked me to check out these 3.1 Phillip Lim bags

I wish I had the chance to leisurely go around IFC, but given that we had to get back to our hotel to scrub up and change for dinner, I didn't get to spend as much time as I would have wanted to. Which was ok, because, who the heck wants to torture herself looking at pretty things she has no serious plans of buying? Pray tell!

When we got back to Pacific Place, Dada went straight to our hotel room to rest and freshen up while I wanted to make full use of my 1 hour of free time to walk around the mall. It is a lot more quiet here than IFC, that I could hear myself think. "Go inside, take a look, no one is stopping you" Parang ganon.

Checked out the bags for my friend Kaye, only to report that Mini Luggage Totes are now HKD22000

Mainit sa mata! If I were a burly bag snatcher I would go for this bag, so fantastically donya! Or maybe not. A sharp-eyed policeman would  immediately spot this, put two and two together, and decide we don't belong together

More hot pink and bright yellow - ipikit ang mata, baka mapabili ka!

After stumbling into the doors of Chanel, I was faced with an all black, canvas, double soled version of my two-tone espadrilles. In. my. size. Can you guess what happened next?

Anyhoo, change topic. Did you know that Tai Hang is so happening? 

Dada and I met up with our friends Paz & Buddy Carale, Paul & Dot Pery and Connie Chu for dinner at Island Tang in Central and after a delicious dinner (a must try is their Braised Fried Rice with Diced Chicken, Black Truffle and Wild Mushroom)

Island Tang at The Galleria in Central

We went dessert hopping (as Connie says, this is the bar hopping of people our age) at Tai Hang. First stop was Lab Made Ice Cream.

What makes it different from other ice cream joints is that there's a science behind how they make their ice cream. Using only fresh ingredients, their ice cream are frozen at-196℃ with super cold Liquid Nitrogen, which allows them use less cream than other premium ice creams, yet still retaining that super smooth texture, all in 60 seconds.

Apart from that, it's just a cool place for young kids to hang out. Even if it means just standing on the sidewalk, because really, there is no seating here. Unless you would count the stackable plastic stools they have lined up against the wall.

I got the crunchy sea salt gelato with caramel sauce,  and ordered the tai chi tofu pudding for Dada.

delicious, but melts quickly!

At HKD44 a scoop, it's an indulgence that you pay for such a novel concept. You can pretty much get a pint of Ben & Jerry's at that price. Or 3 scoops of Bono Gelato here. And Bono Gelato is by leaps and bounds so much creamier and yummier.  But I did enjoy our ice cream, so, Lab Made is still definitely worth a visit, if only for the novelty of saying you've tried it!

Lab Made Ice Cream
G/F, 6 Brown Street
Tai Hang, Hong Kong

Xiao Tian Gu across the street was our next stop. They make traditional desserts made of fruits, almond cream, red bean, black jelly, shaved ice and such. I really enjoyed it here.

We all sat on stools around a flimsy table, in an alley way converted into a seating area, with the electric meter behind me & Dada. I was half expecting Jackie Chan to roll off the tarp awning, bad guys in hot pursuit, and my almond cream with mango spilling into my leather trousers. It was that authentic. I. loved. it.

Xiao Tian Gu 小甜谷 
G/F, 10-11B School Street
(across Lab Made Ice Cream)
Tai Hang, Hong Kong

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