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MFO Gift Guide: Soleil et Lune

Every year, especially around this time of year, I already have a list of items to add to my gift repertoire. While I always have my classic reliables that never fail to delight and somehow still surprise family and friends, I actively look out for products to add to my list year round. 

One such product that made the cut, and I suggest you add too, are scents from Soleil et Lune

Yes, it sounds French, and expensive but don't get intimidated. I'm telling you as early as now, it's affordable and will fit into our gift budget, so read on. Heehee. 

It comes in two sizes, and retails for Php780 for the 30ml and Php1,180 for the 50 ml

Soleil et Lune is French for Sun and Moon, but it is 100% Filipino. 

A Mother's Day gift that I received from Kristine and her partner Beth, a bottle of Soleil et Lune  Brigitte surrounded by gorgeous flowers arranged by The Cherry Berry, a flower shop in Quzon City owned by Kristine's favorite Korean florist who trained in Europe

My friend Kristine Dee started the business with a close family friend, Beth Supetran. They have been traveling together with their families for years, and borne out of those travels was a desire to create something that lived up to their appreciation for high quality and authentic ingredients.

Kristine and Beth shares that they wanted to create a high quality perfume brand that will cater to the tastes and unique style of the modern, well traveled Filipina, much like themselves

They came up with scents, largely because of their trips to France. They though of creating scents  that were not too heavy, and would be appropriate for our tropical weather. True to their brand name, the scents may also be worn from day to night.

The partners spent two years to get the right compound for scents that are perfect for everyday use. Committed to their cause, they worked directly with one of France’s top perfumers, selecting from more than a hundred essences from Grasse, to make use of the finest oils and essences. 

The scents come in this gorgeous packaging, and that strip of color 4/5 of the way down the box identifies the scent.

Pink is for Audrey, infused with red apples, peonies and jasmine

While they initially launched with 3 scents, they now have a total of six signature concoctions to capture different moods and personalities. 

All the scents are light and refreshing, and while my personal favorites are Brigitte and Dominique, all six scents certainly feel like an everyday luxury. 

Soleil et Lune scents are available at:

- 3L Power Plant Mall, Rockwell
- The Park, 4L Shangri-la Mall
- Firma Greenbelt 3
- Chimes Boutique Davao
- online at


For more about Soleil et Lune, follow on Instagram and visit

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